5-Month-Old Dreads for “Uncanny Remnant”


All artwork in this post courtesy of Chris Siron©.  Used with permission.

Hello, lovelies.  My freeform locs are now 5 months old and I’m becoming more attached to them.  They’re looking as crazy and frizzy as ever and I love them!  This is a pretty short post, since I’ve already covered my outfit and makeup in Saturday’s post.  My dear friend Matt and I went to see an art show at the Arts Club of Washington.  We went to see the artwork of our friend and past co-worker, Chris Siron.  I knew he was an artist, but I never got a chance to see his artwork.  I must say, his collage work is awesome!  I absolutely love his style.

First, here are a couple of pics of my “babies”:





A few pics from the art show:

With my dear friend and fellow artist, Matt
With my dear friend and fellow artist, Matt




I'm not sure if you can tell by this picture, but I thought these crooked steps looked a bit creepy
I’m not sure if you can tell by this picture, but this was a very crooked staircase




The artist himself and his awesome work:





Courtesy of Chris Siron©


Courtesy of Chris Siron©


Art card and business card of Chris Siron©


And last, but not least, how my babies have grown so far:







Do yourself a favor and check out more of Chris’s artwork.  Besides his wonderful collages, Chris also paints, writes, and creates animation.  Click on any of the links above to go to his website.  Very impressive and inspiring work.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


2 thoughts on “5-Month-Old Dreads for “Uncanny Remnant””

  1. The dreads get better each month, I love how the colour has gone this month too. From the brighter red they’ve gone to an earthy tone that reminds me of Australia’s Pilbara region 🙂 Gorgeous.

    Chris’s work is really nifty, too, I’ve been checking out his drawings this morning and getting lost in the little details in there. Evening Meal is probably my favourite, but Dadd’s Dream is great too. Basically anything with bugs gets me going.

    1. Yes, Chris does amazing work – I really like the details, also. I’m trying to get back to drawing and his work is very inspiring. And I’m glad you like my muted hair color – I guess it doesn’t look as bad as I thought? 🙂

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