OOTD & Makeup: 4-Month-Old Dreads


Hello, lovelies!  Today is month 4 of growing my awesome sauce dreadlocks.  Not only that, my blog has been updated and is now live.  Woo hoo!  It was a bear migrating my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, but I finally did it!  I also learned how to use HTML and CSS to customize my blog.  It was a daunting task and I’m still tweaking my blog, but my hard work has finally paid off.  I hope you like the new look.

We’ll start with my outfit from yesterday.  Today’s the first day of September, so we’ll probably have another month of hot weather here in Maryland.  It’s steamy, but I won’t complain – before you know it, it’ll be cold again.  I decided to wear the summer dress that I purchased at the Gathering Of The Vibes festival from last year.  I don’t usually show this much of my bare thighs, but I decided to give this look a try:



Lightweight cardigan: Amazon, Over the knee socks: Sock Dreams, Boots: Doc Marten (brand)


Here’s my face from yesterday.  Just the basics: black eyeliner and black eye- pencil.  I decided on barely-there color for my lips:





And last, but not least, here’s how my locs have progressed in the last 3 months.  There’s not much of a change between months 3 and 4, except for maybe a bit more fuzziness:



By the way, I’m now on Twitter (@Dasia_Denise73).  I don’t know if I really need it, but Facebook has been giving me the blues with their weird algorithms affecting my fan page.  We’ll see how this Twitter thing goes.  Feel free to follow me and share!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup: 3-Month-Old Dreads


Hello, my pretties!  My locs are now 3 months old!  It’s fascinating to see my hair slowly loc up.  And since I’ve re-dyed them recently, they stand out a lot more.  I’m getting used to seeing myself with dreadlocks and I do like how I look in them.  Other than re-dying, I’m still just washing and separating them.

Here’s what I wore to work on Friday: a t-shirt and my 25-yard skirt for summer.  I must purchase another skirt, since I wear this one so much.  This skirt goes with just about everything I own.



Led Zeppelin t-shirt and 25-yd. skirt: Ebay, Shoes: Medieval Moccasins




Friday’s face.  Here I’m wearing silver dots and stars, made with stencils and silver eyeshadow by EYEcons.  I think stencils are a nice substitute for bindis, especially during hot weather.  If you get too sweaty, bindis can fall off.   Also, believe it or not, there are some days where I want to wear something with less sparkle:

Silver spike earrings: Opulent Oddities (Etsy)




My hair is still pretty fuzzy, since they’re still tightening up.  They’re also starting to stick out more, giving me a couple of “antennae”.  Here’s my progress so far:





Towards the 3rd and 4th week of August, I’ll be updating my blog, so there won’t be any new posts within that time period.  Not to worry – I’ll give you lovelies a heads up; the new and improved blog will be up and running by September.  Stay tuned for my new updated blog and my summer dance performances.

Love & Shimmies, 

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup – Blood Red Dreads


Hello, my pretties!  I have a dance performance this weekend and my hair was dismally faded.  I had to do something.  Sure, most of my hair won’t be seen from the flowers and feathers that I wear for dance.  But I was missing the dark, blood red color that I love.  So, I decided to take a risk and re-dye my baby dreads.  I figured as long as I don’t bleach my hair (like I used to do when my hair was loose) it wouldn’t be a problem.

Luckily for me, the hair color came out great.  The color will probably not last as long on my roots, since they haven’t been bleached.  Fortunately, the dark red blends well into my naturally dark hair.  I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday and it was hot outside, so my makeup is very minimal.  Just eyeliner, mascara, and dark lipstick:



What a difference a bottle of hair dye makes.


Here’s what I wore.  I wanted to wear my new holey tights and thought they would go great with the blue tunic dress I wore 2 weeks ago:



Tunic dress: bought at DC Fashion Week, Tights: Heavy Red, Boots: Dr. Marten’s (brand)


Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical, Studded choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy), Moon pendant: Ebay


This blue tunic dress is turning out to be one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  So comfortable.  So versatile.  It’s also a good length on me, and I’m pretty picky about length.  This dress can easily be worn all-year ’round, except winter. You will definitely see more of me in this dress.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup: 2-Month-Old Dreads


Hello, lovelies.  Today is the 2-month mark of growing my locs.  Things are going splendidly so far, even though my hair looks crazier and more fuzzy.  But it’s interesting to see them form.  They seem to have a mind of their own.  The color is fading, but I’m hoping to dye them soon.  If not, then no big deal.  It’s a good thing I’m a tribal belly dancer – I can cover my gray and dark brown roots with flowers and a scarf.

Before we dive into the OOTD and makeup, let’s talk hair.  First, here are the hair products that I no longer need.  I feel free already!

No more! I have stopped using the conditioner, leave-in conditioner, pick, and comb. But if you have loose, curly hair I highly recommend the Giovanni® hair care line.


Now for the products I do use.  Right now, it’s just residue-free shampoo.  For recommendations on which shampoos to buy for washing dreadlocks, you can go to the Raging Roots Studio website and go to their “Recommended Shampoo List“.  I bought the Shea Moisture® Shampoo from Amazon.



Also good to have on hand: a tam, for when my hair is looking a hot mess, and a microfiber headband, to absorb sweat during hot yoga.


Here’s what I wore.  I bought the dark blue tunic from a fashion show that I attended back in February (DC Fashion Week).  Most of the other clothing were either brightly colored or pastel, so I was pleased to find something dark:



As you can see, keeping the sleeves rolled up can be a challenge. Blue tunic dress: bought at DC Fashion Week, Black leggings: Amazon, Winklepickers: Underground Shoes


Here’s my face.  It wasn’t too hot outside, so I went a little heavy on the eye makeup:



Applying my almost-black lipstick. Silver spike earrings: Opulent Oddities (Etsy)


Here’s how my hair has progressed so far:





My hair is gradually losing its length, but the locs are starting to show.  My hair will continue to shrink until the locs start to mature – then I’ll start gaining some length (hopefully). It really is interesting seeing what my hair can do when left alone (not entirely – I do separate my hair).  Can’t wait to see how they look next month.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


A New Chapter In My Hair-story: Freeform Dreads


Hello, lovelies!  Last month was the start of my new hair journey.  After having sat on the thought of growing dreadlocks (which I’ll be calling “locs”) for about 3 years, I’m finally ready.  I’m all about having low maintenance hair, so I’ve decided to grow my locs using the “freeform” method.  But first, a little hairstory. 

My hair never behaved.  NEVER.  I attempted different hair styles throughout the years, and most looked “okay”.  Nothing great.  I used to have “straight-ish” hair.  I say “straight-ish” because even with a perm, my hair would not get “stick straight”.  The only time I had completely straight hair was when I went to the hair salon. After my second trip to the hair salon (my first was when I was 9 years old and it was a disaster), I had very straight hair.  Unfortunately, I also had a raw scalp.  I was, and still am “tender-headed“, which is somewhat of a sin in black-owned hair salons.  I went to the salon with hair that already had a red tint, so I ended up with orange hair instead of blonde.  It didn’t bother me, though.  Since I was in my “alternative, grunge” moment, the orange hair suited me just fine.

Takoma Academy HS pic - 1989
My permed hair in its natural color, 1989. My dedication to the “creamy crack” started in high school.


This is me during my second year of college, circa 1992. This was the first and only time I had my hair professionally bleached, which was done the summer before leaving for college.
This is me during my second year of college, 1993. This was the first and only time I had my hair professionally bleached, which was done in the summer before leaving for college. You can see that my hair was bleached on top of permed hair.


After years of dyeing, frying and laying my hair to the side, my hair went on strike and said, “Fuck you!  I can’t do it anymore!”.  I deserved it too, because I put my hair through hell – bleaching, dyeing, AND straightening with a perm.  My hair had had enough.  It got to the point where it couldn’t even hold a curl.  Styling my severely damaged hair was out of the question.  That was the day in 1998, that I told my roommate to cut off ALL of my hair.  I said, “Fuck it”, went bald and loved every minute of it!  So low-maintennance, so free.  This is also when I realized how important hair was to some people, especially men.  Most of the women complimented me; the men absolutely HATED it.  But I knew that my hair would grow back and since I don’t need anyone’s approval concerning my hair, their cries went in one ear and out the other.

Me in 1997. This picture is dark, but you can still see that my hair was FUBAR.**

**FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair (or Recognition).


So, for 17 years I’ve worn my hair in its natural texture (I still dyed my hair, of course).  It was a fresh start for my hair, and even though I dyed it, it was still a lot healthier than before.  It also helped that I didn’t use heat on my hair.  For the past 2 years though, I did blow out my hair occasionally.  Since I could never blow-dry my hair completely straight, I just ended up with big hair.  And I LOVE big hair!  Not dirty hair.  Not unhealthy hair.  BIG hair.

There is no shame in having "unruly" hair! (I do not know the source of this image.)
There is no shame in having big, “unruly” hair! – (Image source unknown)


I was never one to “do” my hair, meaning I couldn’t be bothered with styling my hair after I went natural.  Too much work and too much fuss for me.  It’s too bad, because there are some fabulous, natural hairstyles that black women wear.  But I’m just too lazy and too impatient.  I only bleached and dyed my hair on the weekends since it took a bit of work.

Playing with my hair to see what it can do. I discovered that I can make “horns”, which is as far as a hairstyle I was willing to do.


So, here we are.  Last month on May 1, 2015 was the last day I picked up my comb.  And my pick.  And my conditioner.  With my loose, natural hair I didn’t use shampoo, but conditioner instead (known as the “no-poo” method).  Except for washing out the bleach in order to dye my hair, I used conditioner to wash my hair.  If you have naturally curly or kinky hair, I highly suggest the “no-poo” method.  Way less drying than shampoo.  But with locs, I now use shampoo – no conditioner.  I’m going with freeform locs, so right now all I’m doing is washing and separating my hair.

Blow-dried hair, 2013


Loose, wild hair
Loose, wild hair, 2015


8 inches of hair, ready to loc.


If you are thinking about growing dreadlocks or just want to learn more about them, there are 2 websites that I highly recommend: Dreadlocks Site and Raging Roots Studio.  Both of these sites are educational and have wonderful advice concerning growing natural dreads (natural meaning no wax or other added chemicals that are unnecessary).




Each month, I will post a progress report on my locs.  One thing that I’m hoping to learn from growing locs is patience.  Growing dreadlocks can be a long process and some people say, a huge learning experience.  I also know that my hair is not going to look “pretty” at times, but that’s part of the process.  

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

GSF-dreadlocks.skull copy
Image source [edited]