OOTD: Black Velvet For Frigid Weather


It was bleeping COLD yesterday!  The high temperature here in good ol’ Maryland was a whopping 27° F (-2.7° C); the low temp in the morning was 17° F (-8.3° C).  AND it was windy, so there was a wind chill.  Brrrr!  Now that the temperatures are getting lower, prepare yourself for my annual, winter whining.

I finally wore the black, velvet dress that I bought last year.  One of the great things about creating my capsule wardrobe is that I can take the clothes that I haven’t worn on a “test run”.  The black, velvet dress is definitely a keeper.  It’s warm and it’s short, so that means I can wear this dress in the rain and (maybe) in the snow.

Here’s yesterday’s outfit.  Of course, wearing short dresses in the winter means wearing thermal leggings and legwarmers underneath.  The leggings and legwarmers are considered underwear and socks, so they’re not included with the “66“.

PROJECT 666 Staples: Black velvet dress (D2), Black velvet scarf (Scf1), and 20-eye Doc Martens (B3).



Black, velvet dress: secondhand, Black, velvet scarf: National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC), 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Studded choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy), Ankh pendant: Ebay




Here’s my “lazy face”.  It’s so hard for me to wake up and get out of bed when it’s freezing cold, so that means “barely there” makeup:





That’s all for today.  I want to say, “Thank you” to all of you who expressed concern, love, and sympathy for my dark mood recently.  It makes such a difference knowing there are people who care.  ((BIG HUGS))

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

My 8-Month-Old Dreads & Project 666


Hello, fellow darklings.  One of my goals for this year is to simplify my wardrobe.  Some of us gothic people tend to not only have an extensive wardrobe, but we actually wear many items from that wardrobe.  But many doesn’t mean all.

I got rid of a lot of clothing and jewelry 2 years ago (over 175 pieces), but I had since bought many items to replace my old clothing.  The amount of new stuff that I had bought didn’t go back to the same amount that I had gotten rid of, but it was still stuff that was not needed.  So, I’m essentially back to square one.  But this time, I’m ready to get rid of more things and NOT buy more (unnecessary) stuff.

As I was researching tips on how to simplify my wardrobe (and my life), I came across a wonderful website, Be More With Less by Courtney Carver.   It’s here that Courtney introduces us to Project 333.  I strongly encourage you to take a look at her blog.  It includes tips, how-to articles, and stories of regular people who took on this project.  I think it’s doable and absolutely brilliant.

How does Project 333 work?  Courtney explains this in detail over at her blog.  The wardrobe that you create using Project 333 is called your “capsule wardrobe” in which you wear the same 33 items in a season (about 3 months).  For the next 3 months, you can switch your items to another 33 pieces.  By sticking to 33 items, you will end up getting rid of things, which is the goal.  And this is 33 items per season, so for me it’s doable and not so restrictive.


Here is a brief list of The Rules.  This project can be started at any time:

1. Choose 33 items to wear for 3 months.  This includes shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and outer wear.  This does not include undergarments, workout wear, sleepwear, or sentimental jewelry that you always wear (such as a wedding ring).

These are my everyday rings. I wear these *98.3% of the time. (*Not a scientific figure)
These are my everyday rings. I wear these *98.3% of the time. (*Not a scientific figure)

2. The items that are not part of the 33, you can box it up and store it until the next season.

3. The 33 items are items that you currently wear.  Give away or get rid of any clothing that does not fit or is in poor condition.


Okay, here is where I’ve made a couple of tweaks to this project:

1.  While I have trimmed down my accessories, there is NO WAY I’m including accessories.  I’m a gothic lady and accessories are important for my wardrobe.  And I wear my jewelry all the time.  Every.  Single.  Piece.  But, I have put away pieces that would work better during the warmer months.  For example, I’ve put away jewelry that are lightweight and/or would snag my sweaters, therefore saving them for the warmer seasons.

2.  I’ve combined the 33 items for 2 seasons, giving me a total of 66 items to create my capsule wardrobe.  I did this because I tend to wear the same items for 6 months instead of 3.  Where I live in Maryland, the weather doesn’t really start to get cold until late October/early November and doesn’t warm up until April.  That means I’ll have 2 capsule wardrobes (instead of 4) with 66 items each: one for cool weather (November – April) and one for warm weather (May – October).

3.  Since I’ll be working with 66 items in rotation instead of 33, the name I’ve given for this (goth) version of the project is Project 666.  (*evil smile*)

4.  My dance costumes, jewelry, props and anything else related to dance are not included in the 66 items.

If I had to count these layers as part of my capsule wardrobe, that would be 7 pieces for this costume alone (this includes the pantaloons I’m wearing underneath these skirts and belts).


Here’s what I wore.  Just a t-shirt and pants for the day.  I’ll start listing the staples that I’m wearing in future OOTD posts.  This will also help keep track of what I really wear and what I don’t wear.  The pieces that don’t get worn in one year will be given away.

My staple pieces: Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt (S1), Yoga/Tribal pants (P1), and my FitFlop boots (B1). These letters and numbers are part of my own organizational system.




T-shirt and boots: Ebay, Yoga/tribal pants: Creaturre (Etsy)


Here’s my makeup.  I’ve been practicing making my eyes appear larger with white eyeliner.  False eyelashes would complete my gothic eyes, but since I wore glasses there’s no use in dealing with the falsies.



Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical, Studded collar: Ego Driven (Etsy), Inverted cross earrings: Mierda Negra (Etsy)


And here’s how my babies have progressed so far:




My locs are still losing length, but they’re getting thicker.  Either way, I’m loving the journey so far.  My hair is just as crazy as the woman underneath that hair.  Stay tuned for more OOTD posts, which will be tagged: Project 666.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


Halloween 2015 – Part 2: The Party


Here we are with Part 2 of the Halloween festivities.  Both my sweetheart and I lost our mothers to cancer in 2012 and after a few years of not being in a social mood, we decided that we were ready to have a party.  Halloween was on a Saturday this year – a perfect night for a party.

My sweetheart was Tina Turner, and I was His Purple Highness, Prince.  I wanted to practice doing drag makeup on my sweetie but unfortunately, we ran out of time (and he ran out of patience).  So I did the best that I could.  Despite my lack of drag makeup skills, Ms. Turner was the hit of the party!

Here’s our Halloween costumes.  My pieces were purchased on Amazon and Ebay.  I also could’ve went darker with the “facial hair”, but I didn’t want to mess it up and make it look like dirt.







For my sweetie’s costume, I went to online stores that sold clothing and shoes for crossdressers, since he’s a pretty big guy:





These 5″ heels are a Women’s Size 15!




It was a great party!  Fun and low-key, having a great time with great people. Everyone loved seeing a large, 6′ 2″ (6′ 7″ in heels) Tina Turner with a deep voice! There was even a jam session since my sweetie and his friends are musicians.

Here are more Halloween pictures:

My sister-in-law with her daughter, and her daughter's angelic friend
My sister-in-law with her daughter, and her daughter’s angelic friend



Chell from the game, Portal
Chell from the game, Portal


Chell meets my new fur baby, Edgar
Chell meets my new fur baby, Edgar


This was one of the best Halloweens I’ve had in a long time.  It was nice to be together with friends and family after 3 years of not entertaining.  I compiled a short video that includes my sweetheart walking in heels and a live jam session.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

OOTD & Makeup – Big Eyes, Big Shoes


This post is from Friday, in which I was naturally in a good mood.  It was also a warm day, so I decided to rock my Demonia shoes.  I don’t wear these shoes too often. They’re a tad big, but I forgot how much fun they are to wear.  I also got to be 3″ taller. 

Here’s what I wore:



Lightweight cardigan: Amazon, T-shirt: The Gap, Skirt: Ebay, Black City leggings: Carousel Ink (Etsy), Shoes: Demonia (Style: Dank #151)


Shoes: Demonia (style: DANK #151)


Here’s my face.  I’m starting to wear white eyeliner more and so far, I’m liking the results.  I bought the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner and I am very pleased with it.  It goes on smoothly and it’s waterproof, great for the waterline.  I used the Ben Nye® cake liner (with eyeliner sealer) on my bottom lids, right below the waterline.

What I used to make my eyes appear larger: M.A.C. liner brush #209, Maybelline Lasting Drama gel pencil, Cinema Secrets eyeliner sealer, Ben Nye® cake eyeliner (#EL-0 White)




Ankh pendant: Ebay, Choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy)

I like having big eyes.  They probably would have looked even bigger with fake eyelashes, but I wasn’t in the mood to fuss with them.  I’ll leave you with my second OOTD clip (woo hoo!), below my signature.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

OOTD & Makeup – Belly Dance Fashion


The weekend’s here once again and once again, that makes me happy.  The weather’s been terrific, but it started raining yesterday and it’s supposed to rain all weekend.  Oh, well.

Sometimes I dress like a belly dancer when I’m not on stage, and yesterday was one of those days.  What is belly dance fashion?  For me, it’s a 25-yard skirt (or harem pants), a t-shirt (usually), and jewelry that I could wear to dance in.  It’s a more casual version of my tribal belly dance costumes.  The belt that I wore completes the casual, belly dance look.  It’s a jingly, silver belt that I purchased on Ebay for $12 – a nice touch for my belly dance-inspired outfit. I love that it makes noise when I walk.  Dogs seem to love this belt, too!

I also decided to wear the t-shirt that I bought from a dance workshop I attended, taught by the lovely Mardi Love.  She designed a wonderful shirt!  It’s very soft and it can be worn on the front or the back.  There’s a bit of stretch to it, as well.  Since I’m pretty round, I love stretchy clothes that are not tight.

Here’s yesterday’s outfit:

Silver spike earrings: Opulent Oddities (Etsy), Eyeball necklace and 25-yd. skirt: Ebay




A close-up of the shirt.


Tabi boots: Ebay


Here’s my very basic makeup.  Just eyeliner, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil.  I didn’t feel like applying heavy makeup, so I opted for a casual Friday look:





Tonight, my ATS® dance sisters and I will be attending a housewarming/yarn party, where we’ll be making our tassel belts for December’s performance.  Unfortunately, I’m not very crafty, but I’ll try my best.  I prefer to buy my things from more talented, crafty people. I may do a post on it, but we’ll see how good or bad my belt looks.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup – Friday’s B&W Stripes


Hello, lovelies!  The weekend’s finally here and I plan on starting up on my drawing again.  It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn consistently.  I would sketch here and there, but nothing substantial.  I used to draw pages upon pages of sketches, but now I hardly draw at all.  I’m NOT happy about this and I’m working to change that.

Here’s what I wore, yesterday.  It’s been 3 years since I wore tights or pantyhose – not leggings, but pantyhose.  I find that leggings fit me better and they last longer.  I seem to always have an issue with pantyhose (don’t we all?) – either the waist stops right under my boobs, or the crotch creeps halfway down my thighs, which is the WORST.  I bought these black & white tights on Ebay last year and I’m just now wearing them.  Shockingly, they fit!  No riding up or creeping down.  They’re also OSFA (One Size Fits All), which is even more unbelievable:



Short cardigan: Amazon, Long-sleeved shirt (underneath): The Gap, Short dress: Dharma Trading Co., 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Studded choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy), Skull necklace: thrifted




Yesterday’s makeup.  It was chilly and rainy this week, so I took advantage of the cool weather and wore heavier eye makeup.  I didn’t do full color on my lips; just a hint of burgundy lipstick:







My hair is starting to look more frizzy and crazy, but I don’t mind.  That’s one of the many things I love about goth: you can be as “messy” or put-together as you want to be.  And the stripes?  I love stripes, but I rarely wear them.  I’m not sure why, ’cause I think they look striking – and very gothic.  I may have to “live on the edge” and start trying out clothes with patterns.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


Today Is World Goth Day!


Hello, fellow darklings!  Today is World Goth Day and I’m doing absolutely nothing today.  I’m just going to veg out, listen to some music, and watch belly dance videos.  I haven’t been in a club in years and I’m the only gothic soul amongst my friends and family.  Since I knew I would be off today, I wore my gothic threads to work yesterday.

Here’s what I wore.  I’m starting to settle into a style, which is gothic, yet comfortable.  We also had visitors from other businesses come to our office, so I didn’t want to get too outrageous:



Scarf, skirt, and lace shirt: Ebay, Tunic and leggings: Amazon, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Moon and Victorian casket pendants bought from Ebay




Here’s my makeup.  Besides foundation and blush, I just used what was in my makeup bag.  Of course, that bag can hold quite a bit of makeup, but I just used gel eyeliner, mascara, black eye pencil, brow pencil, and brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows:





What do you do for World Goth Day?  Do you go out clubbing or to the bar?  Do you just dress particularly gothy on this day?  Please share in the comments.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise



OOTD – Fresh Flowers & Golden Tattoos


Hello, lovelies!  This past weekend was the last frost, so I was able to start growing some veggies and herbs.  Woo hoo!  I forgot how long yard work can take, though.  But the weather was gorgeous and our deck needed to be cleared of old debris and crap from this past winter. 

Not only do we have our deck looking nice and comfy again, the flowers in our back yard have bloomed!  They are beautiful and this makes me so happy.  I decided to wear these flowers in my hair, before they wither away.  I think they’re magnolias, so they won’t last very long.  They may be gone by summer, so I wanted to take advantage of wearing these flowers while they’re still in bloom.

This magnolia tree (?) is actually in my neighbor’s back yard. Luckily for me, large branches of flowers hang over into my side of the fence.


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I’ve started wearing temporary, metallic tattoos and they are AWESOME!  I first wore these for our annual, Spring dance performance, Under A Desert Moon – they fit my tribal costume perfectly!  Now I think I’m addicted to these beautiful tattoos.  I ordered them from Jewel Tats.  They also have a store on Etsy.  These tattoos can last for up to a week, before they start to fade.



T-shirt, leggings, and 25-yd skirt: Ebay, Boots: Steve Madden (brand)




I wore my basic makeup yesterday.  This will probably be my makeup look for the majority of the Spring and Summer seasons.  Since wearing temporary tattoos, I’m becoming more focused on adornments (tattoos, bindis, tikkas, etc.).  I don’t wear much gold, but I’m not about to waste these beautiful tattoos.  Gold is also a “goddess” color, so I’m all over that.





There are more flowers in bloom in my front yard that I’m planning to wear.  I need to get to it though, because those flowers won’t last long, either.  The flowers in my front yard are hot pink!  We’ll see what I can do with those.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


My 42-Year-Old Face: DC Fashion Week


Hello, all!  I turned 42 this year and my dearest friend, Matt, bought me a ticket to DC Fashion Week.  I had no idea that DC had a fashion week!  DC Fashion Week has been going on for 22 seasons (11 years) with shows every February and September.  My birthday was on Tuesday, February 17, but who wants to hang out on a Tuesday night?  We had cold, crappy weather anyway, so we decided to celebrate on Friday.

We’ll start with my outfit, which was nothing impressive.  A long, flowing skirt would of been perfect!  But it was bitterly cold and there was still ice and snow on the ground, so my outfit was more utilitarian than fashionable:

Long tunic: Amazon, Lace shirt: Ebay




New glasses for my birthday: Zenni Optical, Amethyst necklace: Habit Jewelry (Etsy), Leather choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy)


Amethyst-purple bobby pins: JME Beads (Etsy)


Extra long, scrunchy socks: Sock Dreams, Boots: Fit Flop (brand)


Here’s my makeup.  I decided to get new frames for my birthday.  They look kind of crazy, but I like things that look crazy.  I also bought a couple of amethyst-purple, sparkly barrettes, but I don’t think I pulled them off very well.  They’re not right for my hair and I think they’re a bit “young” for me.  I’ll probably make them into something else or save them for a belly dance costume.  These would look better as accent pieces to my floral hair clips:







Here are a few more pics from our lovely evening: 





I couldn’t figure out if these were mannequins or real women.




I didn’t know her, but I had to take her picture. Her gray ombre hair was so beautiful.


Happy Birthday To Me! I bought this beautiful, dark blue, tunic top from the show. And Matt gave me a black, sparkly belt and a book on signs and symbols.


Here’s a video I made at the fashion show.  I’m still getting the hang of making videos, but I’m slowly improving.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise




OOTD & Makeup – A New Casket For Monday


Yesterday was another start to my work week and I decided to finally wear my new pendant.  I am very picky with my accessories (who isn’t?) and it took me a while to find a coffin necklace that I liked.  Most of the coffin necklaces I saw were either not my style, too big, too little, or too expensive.

But I finally scored one on Ebay for $35 and it’s a Victorian-style casket.  It’s heavy and the casket lid stays closed using 2 magnets.  I absolutely love this piece!


Here’s yesterday’s outfit:



Lace cardigan and tunic top: Amazon, Skirt: Ebay, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten (brand)








Here’s my makeup from yesterday.  I used the metallic silver, jumbo eye pencil (L.A. Cosmetics® jumbo eye pencil in #402 Saltwater) to add more pop to my eyes.  It added more of a fizzle than a pop, but I do like this shade:





I could have really used some eyelashes, yesterday.  I do wear fake eyelashes sometimes, but they’re not my favorite things to wear.  And they can be time consuming for me.  However, they can make such a dramatic difference in how your eyes look.

I am very happy with my new casket, and this is now one of my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry (my other favorite is my eyeball necklace).  You will definitely see me wearing this lovely casket in the very near future.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise