Today Is World Goth Day!


Hello, fellow darklings!  Today is World Goth Day and I’m doing absolutely nothing today.  I’m just going to veg out, listen to some music, and watch belly dance videos.  I haven’t been in a club in years and I’m the only gothic soul amongst my friends and family.  Since I knew I would be off today, I wore my gothic threads to work yesterday.

Here’s what I wore.  I’m starting to settle into a style, which is gothic, yet comfortable.  We also had visitors from other businesses come to our office, so I didn’t want to get too outrageous:



Scarf, skirt, and lace shirt: Ebay, Tunic and leggings: Amazon, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Moon and Victorian casket pendants bought from Ebay


Here’s my makeup.  Besides foundation and blush, I just used what was in my makeup bag.  Of course, that bag can hold quite a bit of makeup, but I just used gel eyeliner, mascara, black eye pencil, brow pencil, and brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows:





What do you do for World Goth Day?  Do you go out clubbing or to the bar?  Do you just dress particularly gothy on this day?  Please share in the comments.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise



OOTD – Fresh Flowers & Golden Tattoos


Hello, lovelies!  This past weekend was the last frost, so I was able to start growing some veggies and herbs.  Woo hoo!  I forgot how long yard work can take, though.  But the weather was gorgeous and our deck needed to be cleared of old debris and crap from this past winter. 

Not only do we have our deck looking nice and comfy again, the flowers in our back yard have bloomed!  They are beautiful and this makes me so happy.  I decided to wear these flowers in my hair, before they wither away.  I think they’re magnolias, so they won’t last very long.  They may be gone by summer, so I wanted to take advantage of wearing these flowers while they’re still in bloom.

This magnolia tree (?) is actually in my neighbor’s back yard. Luckily for me, large branches of flowers hang over into my side of the fence.


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I’ve started wearing temporary, metallic tattoos and they are AWESOME!  I first wore these for our annual, Spring dance performance, Under A Desert Moon – they fit my tribal costume perfectly!  Now I think I’m addicted to these beautiful tattoos.  I ordered them from Jewel Tats.  They also have a store on Etsy.  These tattoos can last for up to a week, before they start to fade.



T-shirt, leggings, and 25-yd skirt: Ebay, Boots: Steve Madden (brand)




I wore my basic makeup yesterday.  This will probably be my makeup look for the majority of the Spring and Summer seasons.  Since wearing temporary tattoos, I’m becoming more focused on adornments (tattoos, bindis, tikkas, etc.).  I don’t wear much gold, but I’m not about to waste these beautiful tattoos.  Gold is also a “goddess” color, so I’m all over that.





There are more flowers in bloom in my front yard that I’m planning to wear.  I need to get to it though, because those flowers won’t last long, either.  The flowers in my front yard are hot pink!  We’ll see what I can do with those.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


My 42-Year-Old Face: DC Fashion Week


Hello, all!  I turned 42 this year and my dearest friend, Matt, bought me a ticket to DC Fashion Week.  I had no idea that DC had a fashion week!  DC Fashion Week has been going on for 22 seasons (11 years) with shows every February and September.  My birthday was on Tuesday, February 17, but who wants to hang out on a Tuesday night?  We had cold, crappy weather anyway, so we decided to celebrate on Friday.

We’ll start with my outfit, which was nothing impressive.  A long, flowing skirt would of been perfect!  But it was bitterly cold and there was still ice and snow on the ground, so my outfit was more utilitarian than fashionable:

Long tunic: Amazon, Lace shirt: Ebay




New glasses for my birthday: Zenni Optical, Amethyst necklace: Habit Jewelry (Etsy), Leather choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy)


Amethyst-purple bobby pins: JME Beads (Etsy)


Extra long, scrunchy socks: Sock Dreams, Boots: Fit Flop (brand)


Here’s my makeup.  I decided to get new frames for my birthday.  They look kind of crazy, but I like things that look crazy.  I also bought a couple of amethyst-purple, sparkly barrettes, but I don’t think I pulled them off very well.  They’re not right for my hair and I think they’re a bit “young” for me.  I’ll probably make them into something else or save them for a belly dance costume.  These would look better as accent pieces to my floral hair clips:







Here are a few more pics from our lovely evening: 





I couldn’t figure out if these were mannequins or real women.




I didn’t know her, but I had to take her picture. Her gray ombre hair was so beautiful.


Happy Birthday To Me! I bought this beautiful, dark blue, tunic top from the show. And Matt gave me a black, sparkly belt and a book on signs and symbols.


Here’s a video I made at the fashion show.  I’m still getting the hang of making videos, but I’m slowly improving.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise




OOTD & Makeup – A New Casket For Monday


Yesterday was another start to my work week and I decided to finally wear my new pendant.  I am very picky with my accessories (who isn’t?) and it took me a while to find a coffin necklace that I liked.  Most of the coffin necklaces I saw were either not my style, too big, too little, or too expensive.

But I finally scored one on Ebay for $35 and it’s a Victorian-style casket.  It’s heavy and the casket lid stays closed using 2 magnets.  I absolutely love this piece!


Here’s yesterday’s outfit:



Lace cardigan and tunic top: Amazon, Skirt: Ebay, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten (brand)








Here’s my makeup from yesterday.  I used the metallic silver, jumbo eye pencil (L.A. Cosmetics® jumbo eye pencil in #402 Saltwater) to add more pop to my eyes.  It added more of a fizzle than a pop, but I do like this shade:





I could have really used some eyelashes, yesterday.  I do wear fake eyelashes sometimes, but they’re not my favorite things to wear.  And they can be time consuming for me.  However, they can make such a dramatic difference in how your eyes look.

I am very happy with my new casket, and this is now one of my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry (my other favorite is my eyeball necklace).  You will definitely see me wearing this lovely casket in the very near future.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup – Goth in 20 Minutes


I woke up late yesterday, which meant that I only had 20 minutes to get ready and leave for work.  So, that meant basic clothes and “running late face“.  This is where my accessories and gothic shoes really come in handy.  Of course, 90% of my wardrobe is black, so at least I didn’t have to worry about matching colors.  Isn’t goth fashion grand?

First, let’s start with what I wore.  As you can see, I was able to throw on layers of clothes.  What pulls this look together and makes it gothic are my shoes and my (minimal) jewelry:



Long cardigan: Amazon, Long shirt, skirt, and leggings: Ebay, Pentagram necklace: Blood & Stars Jewellery, Winklepickers: Underground Shoes



Here’s yesterday’s makeup.  As usual, I applied most of my eye makeup on the train.  I don’t like to apply powdered cosmetics on the train – it can get a bit messy.  That’s where my fat, eye pencil by L.A. Colors comes in.  This product is da bomb!  You can use it as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even use it as a lip liner.  As many of you makeup divas already know, lip liner in black helps to darken lipstick – for that deathly, yet beautiful, dark blood-red:



L.A. Colors® Jumbo Eye Pencil in #424 Sunglasses and Bdellium® small angled brush #763. Both purchased from Amazon.


After applying the eye pencil, I use the small angled brush to soften the smudges.




All done!


I highly recommend the L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil set.  They come in a set of 24 pencils for $26 at Amazon.  I’m still a bit apprehensive with colored eyeshadow, but these pencils are a great way to try out different colors without breaking the bank.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


Non-Fashion Week – Bag Lady Style!


It’s “Non-Fashion Week” here at my humble abode.  Why?  Because this week was frickin’ COLD!  Monday started out okay.  It was cold, but not too unbearable.  My day on Monday even started with a solo jam session:



Then, the temperature dropped to a low of 12° F (-11° C) with about 2 inches of snow on Tuesday.  It was also windy, making the temperature feel like 3° F (-16° C).  I do NOT do freezing weather!  Horrendous.  Since Old Man Winter decided to hang around all week and every inch of my body was covered in triple layers (and I was still cold!), my fashion and makeup went out the window.  I just wasn’t feeling it this week.

old man winter photo: Old Man Winter Winter.gif
Ah, Winter. Beautiful, yet so cruel. (Image source)


Here is my very boring “outfit”, luckily covered with a coat.  The only thing fashionable in this pic are my Doc Martens.  Since they’re tall with awesome traction, these are kind of my “snow boots”:

Coat: TJ Maxx, 20-eye Boots: Doc Martens (brand)


I do love nature and I’m working on getting in touch with it more, and part of that is accepting that Winter is just a cycle Mother Nature goes through.  I actually don’t mind Winter itself.  If I was able to hibernate like a bear, I would have no issues.  But that’s just not possible at this time.

A lot of goths love winter.  Are you one of them?  

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

OOTD – Back In Black



I’m still alive.  Where the heck have I been?

My last post was in August and that’s also when some unnecessary drama slithered its way into my life.  My emotional state hasn’t been the greatest and when I don’t feel good, I don’t look good.  My blog has also taken a hit, since I wasn’t ready to face the world.

But such is life.  Lessons have been learned, I’ve dusted myself off and now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  So, I’m back in black and here’s what I wore yesterday:


Lightweight cardigan: Amazon, Long shirt: Ebay, 25-yd. skirt:, Boots: Fit Flop (brand)






Yesterday’s face and jewelry:


Leather choker: aosLeather (Etsy), Pentagram rosary: Blood & Stars Jewellery (Etsy)




Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD – A Simple Goth Look For Tuesday



It’s a very beautiful day today.  The high temp today will be a breezy, 79° F (26° C) and I decided to go for simplicity.  Since I’m wearing my new glasses, I kept the rest of my outfit basic (don’t I always go for basic?).

Here’s my face and jewelry today.  It feels kind of strange wearing only one necklace (instead of layers of necklaces), but it’s a rosary-style pentacle and I didn’t want anything to compete with that:






Black onyx ring: Etsy, Pentacle necklace: Blood & Stars Jewellery (Etsy), Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical


Here’s what I’m wearing:



Shirt: Nasty Gal, Skirt: Express, Leggings: Ebay, Winklepickers: Underground Shoes




Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD – Corporate Attire & Hot Weather


“What does a working goth do when it’s hot outside?”  That’s the challenge that Trystan Bass has posted on her blog, This Is CorpGoth.  Dressing goth in a corporate environment can be challenging enough.  But add heat and humidity to the mix, and it can seem almost impossible to wear black and fabulous makeup.

What’s a goth lady to do?

Well, here’s what I do.  I do the opposite of layering, which is to simplify what I wear on my body and my face.  And I always – ALWAYS – carry a light cardigan in my bag, for when it’s humid outside but freezing indoors.

For example, here’s what I would wear, if I want to dress more corporate.  Luckily, my job has a very relaxed dress code, but sometimes we have different vendors and representatives visit our company (whom I call “the suits”).  When they come to visit, I’ll dress a bit more conservative than usual:






Long dress: Dharma Trading Co., Shoes: Clarks


For jewelry, it helps to keep it basic.  I’ll still wear bats, natural stones, or anything simple (such as my monogrammed necklace) but will leave the fake blood vials, crosses, pentagrams, and skull jewelry at home.


Hair clip: Ebay, Beaded onyx necklace: String Of Jewels (Etsy), Monogrammed necklace: My Sweet Nomsa (Etsy)


I live in the Washington, DC metro area (Maryland, to be exact).  This is a city known for its humid summers, so I keep my makeup pretty simple.  I basically wear just eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick.  I’ll also wear tikkas or bindis on my forehead, but if I’m dressing in corporate attire I won’t wear them.


For an even more conservative look, I can remove the hair clip. Not much flair, though.




A fan kept in my bag is essential for summer


Be sure to check out This Is CorpGoth for more how-tos and to see Trystan rock the corporate goth look.  She shows us that corporate goth does NOT have to be boring.  Thanks, Trystan!


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise



OOTD – Red & Black Week, Day 6


Well, well my Pretties!  Today is the 6th and final day of Red & Black Week and it’s been so much fun dressing up for this occasion.  It’s also Friday, so I’m a pretty happy camper right now.

Here’s what I’m wearing for the final day.  The choker that I wore on Day 3 would have been perfect for this outfit, but unfortunately, it was a bit snug on my neck (I’ve already ordered a larger size); it put the CHOKE in choker!  That’s one reason why it’s nice to have different types of chokers.


Before we get to the clothing, here is what my face looks like today.  This final day called for heavy eyes and face bling:








Here’s my jewelry.  The pen-like object (which happens to be red, natch) hanging around my neck is actually an electronic cigarette.  It’s been 2 years since I last smoked a real cigarette.  Yay!

Choker: Ebay, Monogram necklace: My Sweet Nomsa (Etsy), Silver bat necklace: Sweet Voodoo (Etsy), Black & silver headscarf: Ebay


Today, I wore another version of my “uniform”.  The long, loose dress is actually a clothing blank from Dharma Trading Co.,  whom specialize in dyes and silkscreen materials for clothing.    The dress is topped with a sheer, lace shirt.  Studded boots add to the comfort:






Long dress: Dharma Trading Co., Lace shirt: Ebay, Boots: Steve Madden, Jewelry: Etsy


Whew!  What a fun way to end the work week.  Thanks to Red & Black Week, I actually looked quite pretty for 6 days in a row!  Thanks to Victorian Kitty for hosting Red & Black Week and thanks to everyone for all of the kind comments!


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise