Happy New Year 2018: New Videos

Hello, dear lovelies!  It’s the start of another year and I have two new videos for you.  It’s been a pretty dark holiday for me (not in a good way), but since the death of my mother in 2012 the holidays have lost their festive edge.  I did celebrate Krampusnacht, which was fun, but once Halloween ends I lose interest in the holidays.  It’s sad, but I have accepted this fact in my life right now.

This first video is a look back of all the birthstone outfits that I wore this year:


Unfortunately, the cold weather and the holiday season can bring on depression.  It’s a time where I can’t help but think of loss: my mother, friends who I thought were true, flaky family members who have no interest in family, and so on.  I’m already dealing with clinical depression and the holidays tend to exacerbate it. 

I was able to alleviate my sadness somewhat, with “playing dress-up”.  I found that it’s never too old to play dress-up, especially in moments of sadness:


That’s it for now, lovelies.  I’ve started drawing again and hopefully, I can keep up with this.  I’m also working to improve my videos with a new setup and new lighting. Stay tuned for some artwork this year and for more fashion!

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now),

Dasia Denise

2 Years Of Freeform Locs!

Hello, SoulFlowers!  Guess what?  My dreadlocks turned 2 years old in May of this year.  Woot!  They’re still growing longer and getting thicker, which makes me very happy.  To celebrate this milestone in hair, I’ve created a video showing the progression of my dreadlocks.  This is also the first video that I tried morphing software.  It’s not great, but it’s not too bad for my first try.  I hope you all enjoy seeing the progression.  I’ve also included pictures in this post, after the video.

Peace, love & darkness,

Dasia Denise













Peace, love & darkness,

Dasia Denise