Halloween 2015 – Part 1: Devil’s Night


Hello, lovelies!  This past week has been super busy with Halloween and preparing for my dance duet tomorrow for Raq Out.  Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, I decided to wear a costume for Devil’s Night (also called Mischief Night), which occurs on the day before Halloween on October 30.

I saw these badass Maleficent horns on Ebay and decided to take a chance, hoping they would fit and they did.  Woo hoo!  Here’s what I wore to work last Friday, with a short clip of my outfit:



Asymmetrical dress: Dragonesque, 25-yd. skirt: Ebay


Studded choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy), Onyx pendant: handmade by me, Black Void ring: Sarah Crooks Design (Etsy)



Here’s my face.  I took advantage of the holiday and wore black lipstick to work, along with green eye shadow:




More Devil’s Night pics:



Well, that’s it.  Stay tuned for Part 2, the actual Halloween holiday.  I’ve included a second video, below my signature.  You can actually see my face and hear my voice at the same time (My voice – ACK!).  TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

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