Lazy Goth & Freeform Dreads: Month 13


This month is the start of Year Two of growing my dreadlocks.  You can finally see distinct locs and I think they’ve “officially” matured.  It will be interesting to see how long they get by May 2017. 

This will be a pretty short post.  Very light makeup and a very basic outfit – great for the upcoming summer months.  Summer tends to be my “lazy goth” season, so be prepared for seeing minimal makeup.

PROJECT 666 Staples: Long t-shirt (S5), Asymmetrical skirt (Skt1), 20-eye boots (B3)


Long t-shirt and skirt: Ebay, 20-eye boots: Doc Martens (brand)


Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical, Studded choker: aosLeather (Etsy), Silver key necklace: Fuchsia Bloom Studio (Etsy)




Here’s a comparison of my newborn locs from 2015 and my mature locs today:





That’s it for today.  I made a video of my dreadlock growth from the beginning until May of this year.  Please enjoy and TTFN!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

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    1. Thank you and I agree! Very hard to layer AND put on heavy makeup when it’ll just melt right off. XD

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