My 8-Month-Old Dreads & Project 666


Hello, fellow darklings.  One of my goals for this year is to simplify my wardrobe.  Some of us gothic people tend to not only have an extensive wardrobe, but we actually wear many items from that wardrobe.  But many doesn’t mean all.

I got rid of a lot of clothing and jewelry 2 years ago (over 175 pieces), but I had since bought many items to replace my old clothing.  The amount of new stuff that I had bought didn’t go back to the same amount that I had gotten rid of, but it was still stuff that was not needed.  So, I’m essentially back to square one.  But this time, I’m ready to get rid of more things and NOT buy more (unnecessary) stuff.

As I was researching tips on how to simplify my wardrobe (and my life), I came across a wonderful website, Be More With Less by Courtney Carver.   It’s here that Courtney introduces us to Project 333.  I strongly encourage you to take a look at her blog.  It includes tips, how-to articles, and stories of regular people who took on this project.  I think it’s doable and absolutely brilliant.

How does Project 333 work?  Courtney explains this in detail over at her blog.  The wardrobe that you create using Project 333 is called your “capsule wardrobe” in which you wear the same 33 items in a season (about 3 months).  For the next 3 months, you can switch your items to another 33 pieces.  By sticking to 33 items, you will end up getting rid of things, which is the goal.  And this is 33 items per season, so for me it’s doable and not so restrictive.


Here is a brief list of The Rules.  This project can be started at any time:

1. Choose 33 items to wear for 3 months.  This includes shoes, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and outer wear.  This does not include undergarments, workout wear, sleepwear, or sentimental jewelry that you always wear (such as a wedding ring).

These are my everyday rings. I wear these *98.3% of the time. (*Not a scientific figure)
These are my everyday rings. I wear these *98.3% of the time. (*Not a scientific figure)

2. The items that are not part of the 33, you can box it up and store it until the next season.

3. The 33 items are items that you currently wear.  Give away or get rid of any clothing that does not fit or is in poor condition.


Okay, here is where I’ve made a couple of tweaks to this project:

1.  While I have trimmed down my accessories, there is NO WAY I’m including accessories.  I’m a gothic lady and accessories are important for my wardrobe.  And I wear my jewelry all the time.  Every.  Single.  Piece.  But, I have put away pieces that would work better during the warmer months.  For example, I’ve put away jewelry that are lightweight and/or would snag my sweaters, therefore saving them for the warmer seasons.

2.  I’ve combined the 33 items for 2 seasons, giving me a total of 66 items to create my capsule wardrobe.  I did this because I tend to wear the same items for 6 months instead of 3.  Where I live in Maryland, the weather doesn’t really start to get cold until late October/early November and doesn’t warm up until April.  That means I’ll have 2 capsule wardrobes (instead of 4) with 66 items each: one for cool weather (November – April) and one for warm weather (May – October).

3.  Since I’ll be working with 66 items in rotation instead of 33, the name I’ve given for this (goth) version of the project is Project 666.  (*evil smile*)

4.  My dance costumes, jewelry, props and anything else related to dance are not included in the 66 items.

If I had to count these layers as part of my capsule wardrobe, that would be 7 pieces for this costume alone (this includes the pantaloons I’m wearing underneath these skirts and belts).


Here’s what I wore.  Just a t-shirt and pants for the day.  I’ll start listing the staples that I’m wearing in future OOTD posts.  This will also help keep track of what I really wear and what I don’t wear.  The pieces that don’t get worn in one year will be given away.

My staple pieces: Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt (S1), Yoga/Tribal pants (P1), and my FitFlop boots (B1). These letters and numbers are part of my own organizational system.




T-shirt and boots: Ebay, Yoga/tribal pants: Creaturre (Etsy)


Here’s my makeup.  I’ve been practicing making my eyes appear larger with white eyeliner.  False eyelashes would complete my gothic eyes, but since I wore glasses there’s no use in dealing with the falsies.



Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical, Studded collar: Ego Driven (Etsy), Inverted cross earrings: Mierda Negra (Etsy)


And here’s how my babies have progressed so far:




My locs are still losing length, but they’re getting thicker.  Either way, I’m loving the journey so far.  My hair is just as crazy as the woman underneath that hair.  Stay tuned for more OOTD posts, which will be tagged: Project 666.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


2 thoughts on “My 8-Month-Old Dreads & Project 666”

  1. Holy Bat! I don’t think I could do that, I am a clothing & accessories hoarder and dressing up every day gives me far too much fun to get rid of my stuff or to put a few of them aside but I am interested in watching your project 666 *giggles*

    1. LOL! No worries. Keep in mind that I’m older than you, so I had more time to accumulate things. Keep on hoarding – just keep it gothic! 😀

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