No More Fake Eyelashes!


OK, I lied.  Sorry about that.

I have a love-hate relationship with false eyelashes.  I’ve been wearing false lashes off and on for years, even though I really only wear false eyelashes (we’ll call them “falsies” in this blog post) for dance and other occasions.  I love the way they look – they really make my eyes stand out.  Unfortunately, they can be a pain in the ass to put on and also, time consuming.  There are women who can put on false eyelashes without much effort.  I will forever be jealous of their ability to do this.

A work colleague of mine, Stefanee Nimetz, started selling the Younique brand mascara.  It’s a gel and fiber formula and it’s DA BOMB!  $30 for mascara is pricey, but sometimes, you just have to spend the money.  And this stuff is worth every penny.  Seriously.

Here are how my eyes look with varying degrees of eyelashes: natural/none, regular mascara (Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes®), gel and fiber formula (Younique), and false eyelashes.  In all of these photos, I’m wearing at least my basic makeup: foundation and blush.  I also curled my eyelashes before applying mascara.





Falsies® Big Eyes mascara by Maybelline and Lash Primer Plus by Estee Lauder™




Here's a close-up of me wearing "regular" mascara
Here’s a close-up of me wearing regular mascara


with full makeup
with full makeup



Younique mascara system, which consists of the “Moonstruck Transplanting Gel” and the “Moonstruck Natural Fibers”. Also comes in a case.




Close-up of me wearing Younique mascara


with full makeup
with full makeup





Maybe I’ll experiment with wearing falsies without eye makeup, but it seems pointless to me.




Falsies are always worn with my ATS® dance costume.
Falsies are always worn with my dance costume.


Here’s a comparison of my eyes, from top to bottom: no mascara, wearing Maybelline mascara, wearing Younique mascara, and wearing falsies:



A big thank you to Stefanee and Younique for giving me eyelashes!  I’m still getting the hang of wearing 3D gel mascara.  My eyelashes are so short and close to non-existent.  WAAAAH!  The Younique brand is similar to Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics – you can’t get these in stores; you will need to contact a representative to order.  You can inquire and order Younique from Love My Own Lashes.  There’s also a tutorial by Sasha McCracken, below my signature.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


8 thoughts on “No More Fake Eyelashes!”

  1. I heard a lot about Younique. A friend of mine is selling. I am pretty happy with my natural eyelashes so reqular mascara works for me. I am glad you found an atlernative to falsies. I am envious of your skin, look for healthy and smooth it is. What is your secret?

    1. Thanks, Sophie! My secret for healthy-looking skin? 1. Never sleep in makeup – I use coconut oil to remove makeup. 2. Plenty of water. 3. Dancing (exercise). 4. Photoshop filters! Lol.

  2. I have watched so many tutorials on how to put them on. I’ve gotten better but they are such a pain. I found that if I put my mascara on the “wrong” way so brushing down instead of up it gets my lashes out of the way so I can get the lid.

  3. I’ve never heard if Younique, but that mascara looks pretty nifty. Since you wear it for dance I assume that once the gel is on it’s fairly secure, how long does it last?

  4. i nearly got a heartattack, i am a falsie-victim. love them. on mascaras i had a similar one, with fiber that would make your lashes about 0.5cm longer but the company is not cruelty free so i stopped buying as soon as i found out 🙁

    1. Oh, no. Didn’t know that they weren’t cruelty-free – that’s good to know. I need to think long and hard before purchasing more. Dang, it’s too bad. Oh, well. The Maybelline Big Falsies mascara will do fine – if they’re cruelty-free. I really should pay more attention with to the makeup I buy. 🙁

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