OOTD – Future Makeup Artist

For what seemed like forever, I think I’ve finally figured out what I’d like to be when “I grow up”.  The world of makeup artistry has been whispering my name for some time now.  I’ve decided to just go for it.  Here’s how I did my face yesterday:


I LOVE makeup!  In high school and college, I would wake up extra early just to do my makeup.  Whatever I couldn’t finish at home I just finished at school.  I always had a makeup bag with me.

As I entered the workforce, my makeup became more conservative.  Sometimes it was because of the job I had, but most of the time it just wasn’t a priority.  Since I’m not a morning person, I’d sleep as long as I can, leaving very little time for makeup.  Foundation, eyeliner, and mascara was all I had time for.

But ever since I started belly dancing and performing, I realized how much I missed wearing makeup.  For me, makeup not only enhances my features (particularly my eyes) but it’s also an art.  Every time I put on my stage makeup, I fell in love all over again.  Ever since I started performing, I’ve been getting more into makeup.



Am I embarking on a career change at age 41?  It looks like it and I’m going to go for it.  I’ve decided to put fear aside and give it a try.  If I fail, then I fail.  But I won’t know until I try, right?  So, my first step is to practice, practice, practice while I work on a portfolio.  I’m already discussing doing makeup for my dance sisters.  Stay tuned.

And here’s what I wore on Saturday to Z’s get together.  This was in celebration of Women’s History Month, focusing on women in art:

Shirt: Cryoflesh
Pants: Etsy
Boots: Fitflop

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

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