OOTD – Low-Key Goth For An Icy Morning


Yippie!  It’s finally March, with the first day of Spring in 17 more days – at least, officially.  On Sunday, we had a wintery, ice and rain mix all day, so on Monday morning, we woke up to an ice-covered ground.  Yikes.  But then, it reached a high of 45° F (7° C), so most of the ice had already melted away by afternoon.

Icicles everywhere!
Icicles everywhere!


Here is my outfit from yesterday.  It’s pretty basic stuff, as usual:



Skirt and scarf: Ebay, Cardigan: Victoria’s Secret, Black shirt: The Gap, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Bone leggings: Lip Service (brand)


Silver bat necklace: Sweet Voodoo (Etsy), Crystal pendant: Ebay, Onyx ring: Gibson’s Vintage Shop (Etsy)


And here is yesterday’s face.  My plain, boring, unmade-up face (ok, I have a teensy bit of makeup on).  Guess who forgot her makeup bag at home?  Therefore, there’s really no “face” to show you.  Oh well, at least I wore my cat-eye glasses:



Sorry. Nothing to see here, folks.
Sorry. Nothing to see here, folks.


I was a bit leery posting pictures of me without makeup, but who cares?  This is my natural face and I’m fine with it.  There are days that I go makeup free – not as fun, and not as pretty, but practical.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


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