OOTD & Makeup for April’s Birthstone: Diamond


Gemstone photos and gif via Photobucket.  Gemstone info via American Gem Society.

It’s time to bring out the bling for April’s birthstone, the Diamond.  Supposedly, a girl’s best friend and the most commercialized stone, thanks to De Beers©.  But, we can’t deny how gorgeous they are, just like the other birthstones.

TOP IMAGE: Uncut diamonds, BOTTOM IMAGE: Faceted diamonds
TOP IMAGE: Uncut diamonds, BOTTOM IMAGE: Faceted diamonds


While most diamonds are colorless, they can also come in a range of colors such as blue, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, and black.  The colored diamonds found in nature get their color from impurities in the stone.  For example, the yellow found in yellow diamonds get their color from small traces of nitrogen; blue diamonds have small traces of boron.   Colored diamonds found in nature are rare.  Since colored diamonds are rare, most colorless diamonds are color-treated.  Due to the controversy surrounding “blood diamonds“, you can also buy man-made diamonds, in which you can only tell by using a loupe.  

Diamonds were “thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength”.  Diamonds are also worn to promote “balance, clarity, and abundance”.  They signify eternal love.

Diamonds in black, blue, pink, and yellow.
Diamonds in black, blue, pink, and yellow.


Here is yesterday’s outfit.  Perfect time to wear my rhinestone leggings, peaking out beneath my skirt:



A skirt made for belly dancing passes my “spin test”. Of course!


25-yd. skirt and tabi boots: Ebay, Rhinestone leggings: Kalypso Blue (Etsy)


Large, clear-colored bindi: SewFae (Etsy), Leather choker: Ego Driven (Etsy), Tish & Snooky t-shirt: Manic Panic® (Ebay)


Here’s my makeup.  Nothing but white sparkles.  Cheap, inexpensive sparkles, but still – they’re the only “diamonds” I can afford.  It’s hard to see in the photos, but I did wear a touch of glitter beneath my eyebrows:





Diamonds works really well with the goth aesthetic, since they’re usually colorless.  Perfect with black.  Stay tuned for April’s birth flower: the daisy. 

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

raw diamond photo: DIAMOND DIAMOND-01.gif

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