OOTD & Makeup for August’s Birth Flower: Gladiolus


Gladiolus pics via Flickr (Creative Commons).  Gladiolus info via What’s My Birth Flower? and The Farmer’s Almanac.

Today we honor the Gladiolus [genus: Gladiolus palustris], the birth flower for August.  Gladiolus (the plural form is “gladioli”), also known as “sword lily” for the shape of its leaves, takes its name from the Latin word for “sword”. 

Gladiolus is “native to tropical and South Africa” and was discovered in the 18th and 19th centuries.  These flowers were used for food and were also used in ancient Rome, where the victor of gladiator battles were buried in gladioli.  Gladioli comes in a wide array of colors including shades of red, pink, yellow, white and purple.  A member of the iris family, gladioli represents “remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation”.

Gladioli in white, pink, and purple
Gladioli in white, pink, and purple


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I actually wore this outfit very recently: a black, sleeveless tunic and black bloomers.  These are great staples for summer – I just change the shoes and accessories for a different look:



Sleeveless tunic: Amazon, Black bloomers: Urban Prairie Girl (Etsy), Shoes: Medieval Moccasins


Steel armband: 88 Links (Etsy)


Here’s my makeup.  I don’t have any flowers that resemble “sword lilies”, so I experimented with my makeup.  It turned out okay, but I could have refined the “tribal marking” to make it more “crisp”.  I should have added a bit more black on my eyes, also.  Oh, well – practice makes perfect:





This is the last post for August.  I’m working tirelessly to update my blog and have it posted by September (crossing my fingers).  I’m also working to include more videos on my new blog.  Stay tuned and  I hope to see all of you lovelies, soon!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


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