OOTD & Makeup for July’s Birth Flower: Larkspur


Larkspur pics via Photobucket.  Larkspur info via What’s My Birth Flower?.

Here we are with July’s birth flower, the Larkspur.  Larkspurs are both perennials [genus: Delphinium] and annuals [genus: Consolida].  The ancient Greeks believed that larkspurs resembled dolphins, hence the name Delphinium.  Larkspurs were traditionally used to heal or “consolidate” wounds, which is where the Latin name Consolida comes from.   They were also used to to treat hemorrhoids, colic in children, and to combat lice.  Larkspurs were believed to carry feminine energy and were often used to honor casualties of war.

Maybe these larkspurs resembled dolphins to the ancient Greeks, although these are of the Consolida variety – also known as bunny (or rocket) larkspurs.


Larkspurs symbolize “feelings of an open heart and ardent attachment”.  They are also poisonous.  Larkspurs generally come in 3 colors, each with their own symbolism: purple (sweet disposition), white (joyful), and pink (fickleness).  They are also “associated with gaiety, levity, and purity of heart”.

Larkspurs in white, purple, and pink
Larkspurs in white, purple, and pink


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I decided to wear the black bloomers that I ordered from Urban Prairie Girl on Etsy.  I wasn’t sure how they would look on me, since I’m short and pear-shaped.  But I have to say that I love these bloomers!  The material is nice, soft and substantial (but not hot).  I think bloomers are a nice alternative to shorts and perfect for summer.  Since my thighs touch, shorts tend to creep up the middle, towards my crotch – not a cute look!



Asymmetrical tunic: Amazon, Shoes: Medieval Moccasins




Seed bead necklace: World Market, Amethyst ring: Bethesda Flea Market, Pressed (real) larkspur pendant: When The Petal Breaks (Etsy).


Here’s my face.  Hardly any makeup, just eyeliner and a bit of lip color for a hot, summer day.  There are small, purple flowers that are growing outside of the Metro station, near my house.  They’re not larkspurs, just very delicate, small flowers.  I thought they looked close enough:





These bloomers are very comfortable!  The only trick is figuring out which shirt to wear with them.  I have a belly, so I prefer long, loose shirts.  The tunic did the trick, but I wonder what else I could wear with them?  Any suggestions?  Feel free to leave them in the comments.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


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  1. +1 for the awesomeness of that flower necklace! I really hope we get to see it with some other outfits soon, it’s just gorgeous.

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