OOTD & MOTD for July’s Birthstone: Ruby


Ruby pic via Photobucket.  Ruby info via Crystal Vaults and American Gem Society®.

Hello, fellow darklings.  Today’s outfit is inspired by the Ruby, birthstone for July.  Called the “King of Gems”, the ruby has been revered by many cultures. Rubies symbolize the Sun and have been used as talismans, representing “passion, protection and prosperity”.  Rubies also symbolize love and passion, were used to warn the wearer of danger, and “banished sadness and foolish thoughts”.  The most prized and valuable rubies are vivid medium to dark red. Rubies that are purplish-red are also of high value.



TITLE: King of Gems

COLORS: Pink, bright red to blood red, purplish-red


TYPE: Corundum

ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

DEITY: Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war.  

Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war – (Image source)


DIVINATION: “Value friends and family even if they seem temporarily dull.”

CHAKRA: Root (1)

HEALING PROPERTIES: Stimulates the blood and heart, increases desire and sexual energy, promotes mental clarity, and increases concentration and motivation.


Here’s what I wore.  It seems to be that red is my color.  It’s not surprising, considering that’s the color I dye my hair.  Honestly, I do like how I look in red and black.

PROJECT 666 Staples: Black lace dress (D5), 20-eye boots (B3)




Black lace dress: Amazon, 20-eye boots: Doc Martens (brand)




Here’s my face.  I decided to rock some red eyeshadow for July’s birthstone.  I love Ben Nye’s® Lumiere Creme Colours eye makeup collection.  It goes on smoothly, lasts all day, and the colors are so vivid!



All accessories purchased from Etsy. Black fang earrings: Ashley Elaine Designs, Silver monogrammed “wax seal” necklace: J and A Wares Jewelry, Vampire Red Gem necklace: Reneeroxx Shop


I was really inspired by this gemstone.  I like all of the gemstones, but rubies are among my favorites.  While I do love the simplicity and exquisiteness of the four precious gemstones: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire, my favorite gemstone is Amethyst – it’s purple and it’s also my birthstone. 

What’s your favorite gemstone?

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


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