OOTD & MOTD for May’s Birth Flower: Lily Of The Valley


Lily of the Valley pic via Photobucket. Lily of the Valley info via ProFlowers® and What’s My Birth Flower?

The month of May is about to end, but not without sharing what I wore, inspired by May’s birth flower, Lily of the Valley.  A delicate and fragrant flower, lily of the valley has much symbolism, particularly in Christianity.  According to Christian legend, Eve’s tears turned into lilies of the valley after being banished from the Garden of Eden.  In the same myth, Mary’s tears were also turned into lilies of the valley when Christ died on the cross; thus, lilies of the valley are also known as “Mary’s tears” (or “Our Lady’s Tears”).  These flowers symbolize happiness, sweetness, and humility.  They also symbolize the second coming of Christ.



TITLE: May Lily

GENUS: Convallaria majalis

TYPES: Albostriata, Aureomarginata, Rosea

ORIGIN: Europe

TYPE: Perennial

COLORS: White and (rarely) pink

ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

USES: Used medicinally to improve memory and restore speech.


Here’s what I wore yesterday to a family get-together.  Once again, the flower theme inspires a tribal belly dance look:

PROJECT 666 Staples: T-shirt (S15), 25-yard skirt (Skt3), Tall moccasin sandals (Snd1)




T-shirt: purchased from phenomenal dancer, Ebony at UDM 2016,, 25-yard skirt: Amazon


Tall moccasin sandals: Medieval Moccasins


Here’s what I wore on my face.  Since I’m on my last pair of contact lenses and I want to save them for a dance performance next weekend, I decided to wear my eyeglasses and skip the fake lashes.  I didn’t have a lily of the valley, so I wore a lily (genus: Lilium) instead:



Accessories purchased from Etsy. Lily hair clip: Magic Tribal Hair (Etsy), Black feather hair clip: Beadazzled By Sharon, “Resplen Dance” pendant: Sciscitor


Tomorrow is the last day of May and we’re already into summer here in the DMV area.  We had a very rainy Spring.  Oh well, at least it’s not cold.  As part of this year’s birth flower series, I feature another ATS® dance move in my OOTD video.  Enjoy!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

ATS® dance move (slow): Body Wave

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  1. I did not know that lilies-of-the valley were a symbol for Advent/The Second Coming. I know the symbolism for lilies in general and their association with death/mourning, but this information was new and appreciated. I absolutely adore your aesthetic.

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I have a thing for themes and it’s always interesting learning new information regarding symbols. 🙂

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