Practice Makes Perfect: Carnival Stage Makeup 2013



Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post in which I wanted to study makeup artistry.  I’ve always loved makeup, ever since high school.  While my love of makeup waxed and waned during my adulthood, it came back full force when I started performing on stage.  Not only has my love of makeup come back, but I learned that stage makeup needs to be heavily applied – almost “clown-like”.  I love that’s there’s really no such thing as “too much makeup” for the stage.  If you scare people up close because of your heavily-made face, then you have succeeded in applying stage makeup.


My stage makeup for the Under The Desert Moon (UDM), Raquettes Samia performance – April 2013


In August of last year, I preformed at the Sahara Dance Summer Carnival with my dance troupe, Raquettes Samia.  People would always compliment me on my makeup application and this time they asked if I would assist with their makeup.  I was delighted to have this opportunity.  I decided not to charge any money, yet.  I’m not a professional and I took the opportunity to practice my skills on different faces.  This is an essential skill if I want to be a makeup artist.

Since this was a carnival-type setting, one of my dance sisters, Isabel, suggested using face paint.  I loved this idea!  I decided to go with a butterfly motif.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take before pictures, but here are the after pictures:






Since Isabel was also dancing with another troupe, I simplified her makeup and the butterfly motif.Here is Isabel.  Since she was also dancing with another troupe, I simplified her makeup and the butterfly motif.










23f-Me13_edited-1Yours truly, in a blurry picture



Here’s how our makeup looked on stage:

(The following stage photos are courtesy of Janine Gajewski©)












Unlike previous performances, I learned quickly that we had less time for makeup and tech rehearsals during the summer show.  While the ladies were responsible for their own foundation and lipstick, I was responsible for their eye makeup.  And boy, did I hustle!  I agreed to apply makeup for 8 women (including myself) in the short time frame that we had.


But, guess what?  I loved every minute of it.  And as a person who doesn’t like to be rushed, I saw this as a sign.  If I’m going to go into a new career, this would be it.  This was the day that I decided to try my hand at makeup artistry.


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

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