Birthday Haul & OOTD Videos

Hello, lovelies!  In this post, you’ll get not one, but TWO birthday videos.  Woot woot!  The first video is an OOTD video.  While I was filming the birthday haul, I decided to do a quick OOTD video and show you all what I wore.  More awesome news: the dress I wore was NOT in black.  A rarity, I know.



Here is the birthday haul video.  It was an unseasonably, warm day here in Maryland.  The temperatures reached a high of 79° F (26° C).  As you’ll see in the video, the trees behind me are barren against a bright, sunny sky.


Well, that concludes the videos for my 45th birthday.  All of the items purchased in the haul video were bought months ahead of my birthday.  Whenever I buy birthday gifts for myself, I don’t use them until AFTER my birthday.  I feel this makes my purchases more “gifty”.  


Dasia Denise