OOTD & Makeup – Basic Black For A Busy Thursday


Hello, my lovelies.   Work has been insanely busy and I’m exhausted!  I’ve been pretty useless and spent by the time I arrive home.  We sell medical goods and this month is our sale month.  That means that work will continue to be busy for the rest of July.  Oh well, no complaints.  At least I have a job, right?

Here’s what I wore on Thursday – just a simple black dress with my lace cardigan.  The temperature dropped to about 86° F (30° C), so I was able to wear my long, lace cardigan.  This is why I love to wear layers when I can.  When I got hot, I simply took the cardigan off.  Even though it was lacy and lightweight, it can still get hot wearing it.




Long black dress: Dharma Trading Co., Lace cardigan: Amazon, Boots: Fit Flop (brand)




Here’s my summer goth face.  Just the usual dark makeup:

Eyeglasses: Zenni Optical, Studded choker: AOS Leather (Etsy), Coffin nails necklace: Extollo Jewelry (Etsy)




That’s all for today.  A very short post, indeed.  July’s birth flower post will be up very soon and I perform again in 2 weeks, so there are more substantial posts on the horizon.  Stay tuned.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


Today Is World Goth Day!


Hello, fellow darklings!  Today is World Goth Day and I’m doing absolutely nothing today.  I’m just going to veg out, listen to some music, and watch belly dance videos.  I haven’t been in a club in years and I’m the only gothic soul amongst my friends and family.  Since I knew I would be off today, I wore my gothic threads to work yesterday.

Here’s what I wore.  I’m starting to settle into a style, which is gothic, yet comfortable.  We also had visitors from other businesses come to our office, so I didn’t want to get too outrageous:



Scarf, skirt, and lace shirt: Ebay, Tunic and leggings: Amazon, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)


Moon and Victorian casket pendants bought from Ebay




Here’s my makeup.  Besides foundation and blush, I just used what was in my makeup bag.  Of course, that bag can hold quite a bit of makeup, but I just used gel eyeliner, mascara, black eye pencil, brow pencil, and brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows:





What do you do for World Goth Day?  Do you go out clubbing or to the bar?  Do you just dress particularly gothy on this day?  Please share in the comments.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise



OOTD & Makeup for February’s Birth Flower: Violet


Violet photos via Photobucket.  Violet info via What’s My Birth Flower?.

Violet is the birth flower for February and there’s many varieties of violets (genus name: Viola): African violets, common blue violets, Australian native violets, dog’s tooth violets, just to name a few.  The two most common shades that violets come in are violet (duh) and blue, but they also come in shades of white, cream and mauve.

According to What’s My Birth Flower?, violets symbolize the “love of truth” and the “truth of love”.  Another interesting tidbit is, although roses are most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, it’s actually the violet that’s connected to the Christian priest, St. Valentine.   According to legend, “St. Valentine kept encouraging believers with messages of friendship and love”.

Clockwise from top left: African violets, African violets in white, common blue violet, Australian native violet


Yesterday, my bosses were taking photos of us for the company website, so I went a bit conservative.  I decided to leave the choker and bindis at home, but at least I got to wear my flowers.  We had to wear a light-colored shirt for the photo, so I grabbed my white, summer dress from storage.  My sweetheart (with much love) said that I looked like a lost, milk maid.  Personally, I prefer “Amish reject”:



Long cardigan w/ lace-up detail: Necessary Evil (brand), White dress: dance retreat in Costa Rica, 25-yd. skirt: Ebay, Studded boots: Steve Madden (brand)


Violet flowers: Little Shop Of Florals (Etsy), Amethyst necklace: Habit Jewelry (Etsy), Large, stone ring: NC Studio 925 (Etsy)




Here’s my very conservative face.  I wore Manic Panic’s® lipstick in “Deadly Nightshade”, applied very lightly.  I also went gentle on my eyebrows:



I don’t have flowers that are actually violets, so I made do with violet-colored flowers.


Today is the last day of February.  Thank goodness!  I don’t know about anyone else, but for the shortest month of the year, February seemed long as hell.  The weather has been hellacious!  So, I’m definitely looking forward to the first day Spring in 19 days!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD – Corporate Attire & Hot Weather


“What does a working goth do when it’s hot outside?”  That’s the challenge that Trystan Bass has posted on her blog, This Is CorpGoth.  Dressing goth in a corporate environment can be challenging enough.  But add heat and humidity to the mix, and it can seem almost impossible to wear black and fabulous makeup.

What’s a goth lady to do?

Well, here’s what I do.  I do the opposite of layering, which is to simplify what I wear on my body and my face.  And I always – ALWAYS – carry a light cardigan in my bag, for when it’s humid outside but freezing indoors.

For example, here’s what I would wear, if I want to dress more corporate.  Luckily, my job has a very relaxed dress code, but sometimes we have different vendors and representatives visit our company (whom I call “the suits”).  When they come to visit, I’ll dress a bit more conservative than usual:






Long dress: Dharma Trading Co., Shoes: Clarks


For jewelry, it helps to keep it basic.  I’ll still wear bats, natural stones, or anything simple (such as my monogrammed necklace) but will leave the fake blood vials, crosses, pentagrams, and skull jewelry at home.


Hair clip: Ebay, Beaded onyx necklace: String Of Jewels (Etsy), Monogrammed necklace: My Sweet Nomsa (Etsy)


I live in the Washington, DC metro area (Maryland, to be exact).  This is a city known for its humid summers, so I keep my makeup pretty simple.  I basically wear just eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipstick.  I’ll also wear tikkas or bindis on my forehead, but if I’m dressing in corporate attire I won’t wear them.


For an even more conservative look, I can remove the hair clip. Not much flair, though.




A fan kept in my bag is essential for summer


Be sure to check out This Is CorpGoth for more how-tos and to see Trystan rock the corporate goth look.  She shows us that corporate goth does NOT have to be boring.  Thanks, Trystan!


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise



OOTD – Red & Black Week, Day 5


It’s Day 5 of Red and Black week.  Wow, it’s Thursday already – one more day before the weekend.  Woo hoo!

I was running late today, so today’s outfit and makeup are a bit conservative.  All I had time for today was the foundation, some shimmery eye primer, and some blush that I applied at home.  The rest of my face was done on the Metro.  I had to do my “running late face”.  Today was another day for my eyeglasses:










As I mentioned, today’s outfit is a bit conservative.  Luckily, we have a relaxed dress code at work but sometimes the “suits” come in to meet with my bosses.  This is my corporate attire, at least for me:




Shirt: Tripp NYC,  Skirt: Target,  Leggings: Ebay,  20-eye boots: Dr. Martens,  Jewelry: Etsy
Shirt: Tripp NYC, Skirt: Target, Leggings: Ebay, 20-eye boots: Dr. Martens, Jewelry: Etsy




Red and Black week is almost over (sob!).  I’m having loads of fun taking part in this!  We’ll see what I’ll come up with tomorrow.  I’ll try to make it fierce!


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise









OOTD – Corporate Goth for Tuesday (sort of)



It’s not really Corporate Goth, but for me it is.  Long skirt + black blazer = corporate.  This is as corporate as I get while still being myself:

Velvet blazer: H&M, Burned out lace top: Ebay, Long skirt: Ebay




Striped socks: Sock Dreams, Boots: Steve Madden



Skull necklace: Kreepsville 666



As you can see, I don’t have much to say today.  A few pics, a few words.  That’s it for now.


Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise