Gothic Mixtape #2: GOTH MUSIC

Title pic and above pic courtesy of Creative Commons (Source)

Hello, my dear Soulflowers!  I’ve made another mixtape for you lovelies to enjoy.  My mixtapes will generally have 10 songs (about the length of a 12″ LP record), but this one has goth songs from every decade, from 1980 to 2016.  That’s 36 years worth of awesome, dark music!  I hope you enjoy these tracks.

Peace, love & darkness,

Dasia Denise



0:06  –  “Dark Entries” by Bauhaus (Album: 7″ single)

4:05  –  “The Masque” by The Dark (Album: Chemical Warfare)

7:48 –  “She Cries Alone” by Skeletal Family (Album: 7″ single)

13:10 – “Dead and Buried” by Alien Sex Fiend (Album: 7″ single)

17:18 – “Ribbons” by Sisters Of Mercy (Album: Vision Thing)

22:49 – “Nazarene” by The Wake (Album: Masked)

26:38 – “Cats Or Devils Eyes” by Children On Stun (Album: Tourniquets Of Loves Desire)

30:56 – “Nothing Special” by Mechanical Cabaret (Album: We Have An Agenda)

35:23 – “Dark Allies” by Light Asylum (Album: In Tension)

41:27 – “Distance” by Rendez-Vous (Album: Distance)

Gothic Mixtape #1: GOTH MUSIC

Title pic and above pic courtesy of Creative Commons (Source)

Hello, dear Soulflowers!  I’m featuring a new series on this blog and on my channel, called Gothic Mixtapes: Music For The Darkly Inclined.  There was a discussion on YouTube a couple months ago in response to this question: “Can You Still Be A Goth Without The Music?”.  I will create a post that answers that question (if you don’t want to wait another week, you can look at my response video here).  I believe that the music is the backbone of the goth subculture, but not everyone agrees.

Either way, I realized that I don’t have much (if any) goth music on my channel.  This is a problem for me since I believe that the music is very important.  So, I decided to change that and create a playlist featuring some luscious, dark tunes.  I’ve included lyrics so you can watch the video, or you can simply just listen to it.  I hope you all enjoy these tracks.  If you’d like for me to include any gothic music, please let me know in the comments.

Peace, love & darkness,

Dasia Denise




0:10  –  “Sideshow” by The Wake (Album: 7″ single)

4:30  –  “Children Of The Light” by Eva O. Halo Experience (Album: Demons Fall For An Angel’s Kiss)

8:54 –  “Still Born Still Life” by Christian Death (Album: The Rage Of Angels)

11:32 – “Falling” by Athamay (Album: The Pleasure Of Sin)

16:04 – “Nightfeast” by Written In Ashes (Album: Eternal)

21:18 – “You (-Das)” by Diary Of Dreams (Album: Psychoma?)

26:19 – “Awfully Sinister” by Suspiria (Album: Drama)

30:56 – “Incendiary Lover” by Gitane Demone (Album: Love For Sale)

35:05 – “Topanga Canyon Torture” by The Phantom Limbs (Album: Random Hymns)

40:07 – “Ritual And Tradition” by Angels Of Liberty (Album: Touch The Daemon)