Fuck the Fashion Police – Be Yourself

Nothing makes me cringe in the fashion world more than hearing the words, “age-appropriate”.  What does that even mean?  Apparently it means:

1.  If you’re under the age of 30, you’re pretty much off the hook.  For us more “mature” ladies, it means dressing in a suit, “mom jeans”, and/or boring, conservative shoes.

2.  If you’re over 40, you can’t dress goth or any other way that’s not mainstream.

3.  If you’re over 40, you can’t wear miniskirts, platform shoes, glitter, flowers in your hair, thigh-high boots or “outrageous” hair.  In other words, you must dress like your grandmother did in the 1950s.

4.  What does your husband/boyfriend/brother/father/boss/neighbor/random guy on the street think of your style?  If you’re not dressing for a man, then don’t bother looking pretty.

I say, fuck that noise!


Me in my “age-appropriate” t-shirt & flower

The only rules that apply, in my opinion, are:  1. Wear clothing that fits, and 2. Wear clothing that you feel good in.

That is all.  I believe style comes naturally.  Whatever clothing you like to wear and that fits, then you should wear it.  This is regardless of age, weight, body shape, gender, etc.  If you’re comfortable in black platform boots, fishnets and a black, leather miniskirt, then go for it.  If you prefer something simple like a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, there’s nothing wrong with that, either.  

Remember that the fashion industry makes their money on switching up “what’s in style” every 3 to 6 months.  If you have your own style, then you won’t be a slave to the fashion industry.  You’ll purchase what looks good on YOU – not some random, skinny, young celebrity with tons of money.  There’s nothing wrong with being young and thin – I was once a young, thin-ish woman.  But there’s nothing wrong with NOT being young, thin or rich.

I’m 40 years old and have finally figured out what looks and feels good on me.  I also have the money to purchase the clothing that I like.  This includes long, flowing skirts, bindis and flowers in my blood red afro.  If this isn’t “age-appropriate”, so be it.  I don’t care.

Just take care of yourself and give the finger to the fashion industry.  They can go pound sand!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise
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