Summer Solstice & Starting Over

Bat Fit 2016

Bat Fit logo by Franny of The Curious Professor Z.

Today is Summer Solstice, the official first day of summer and the day with the longest daylight hours.  This is also the day where I admit that I have failed. Well, maybe not completely, but I’m not doing too good with my goals for this year.  My three goals for this year were starting yoga again, taking up drawing again, and simplifying my life.  The only headway I’ve made thus far is simplifying my life.  I’m still getting rid of excess clothing, shoes, tchotchkes, etc., but I have failed in the other two goals and I am not too pleased with myself.

And I’ve been feeling it, lately.  I’ve been tired, sick with pain and allergies, stiff, and unmotivated.  My skin looks terrible and I’ve been feeling listless.  This has got to change.  I can’t continue with being a useless, sack of skin.  Maybe not useless (I’m a fan of hyperbole), but I do not feel healthy.  The only thing saving me from being a complete slug is belly dance.  But as I get older, that is not enough to save me from merely existing.

Edgar comforts me while I lie down


So, this week I’m getting back on the horse and taking up yoga again.  I started hot Vinyasa yoga last year and loved it.  After a couple of years of searching, I had finally found a yoga practice that suited me, but I somehow got derailed. However, the past is the past and I’m ready to try yoga again.

For some reason, keeping track of my progress is a lot easier when I blog about it.  I do this with my deadlock posts and while it doesn’t take much work besides washing and separating my locs, it’s nice to see my loc growth from loose hair to the present.  I think keeping an active web log (which is where the word “blog” comes from) of my yoga progression will help me stick with it.



So let’s get started.  I will check my progress every 60 days (every other month) instead of monthly, so that my progression will be more obvious.  While my goal will be overall health, I’ll be looking out for two things: flexibility and strength.  I’ll also be paying attention to weight loss, but this is not my goal.  I’ll still have fat, but if I can see some muscle I will be more than satisfied.


Now for the dreaded pictures. Ugh.



The Squat – used in ATS® dance for level changes. Notice how I’m unable to do this without keeping my heels off of the floor.


I never was very flexible.  Maybe I was as a child, but as an adult I’m as flexible as a brick.  While I can still dance, improving my flexibility would definitely improve my dancing.  The three moves I’ll be using to check my progress will be a squat, a backbend, and a split.  I’m not worried about ever achieving a split, but it’s a good way to see how flexible I can get.

The Backbend – used in ATS® for laybacks
The Split – because, why not? Look how far off the ground I am. Sigh.



Here’s the truth: I will never have a flat stomach.  Those days are over.  One of the wonderful things about belly dance is that having a belly is not seen as some character flaw.  While I don’t care about not having a flat stomach, I would like to have some muscle definition (I know they’re in there somewhere).  And when I say muscle definition, I particularly mean my obliques.  I’m okay with not having six-pack abs.




We’ll see how I do in the next couple of months.  I always have this fear of starting things up again – my fear of failure is pretty strong.  But I must start working towards improving my health.  I can’t keep putting it off – I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

How are you doing with your yearly goals?  I hope it’s a lot better than I’m doing.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise