OOTD & Makeup for September’s Birth Flower: Aster


Aster pics via Photobucket.  Aster info via What’s My Birth Flower?

It’s the third day in October and I’m just now posting my look for September’s birth flower.  I’ve been sick with cramps and allergies all week, so looking pretty was the furthest thing from my mind.

Anywho, today’s look is inspired by September’s birth flower, the Aster [genus: Aster].  Although asters resemble daisies, they are actually related to sunflowers.  Asters come in a variety of colors including pink, red, mauve, and lilac.  Whichever color the aster blooms, it will usually have a yellow center.  Named after the Greek word for “star”, asters are thought to represent “love, faith and wisdom”.  It was believed in ancient folklore that the burning of its leaves helped to “keep evil servants at bay” and also to bring good luck.

Asters in lilac, pink, and white
Asters in lilac, pink, and white


Here’s what I wore.  Since aster is the Greek word for “star”, I drew a star-like design on my forehead and wore layers and layers of black.  Sticking to the star motif, I also wore my rhinestone leggings, which kind of look like stars in the night sky:



Scarf: National Gallery Of Art (Washington, DC); Long cardigan, tunic, and short skirt: Amazon; Leggings with rhinestones: Kalypso Blue (Etsy); Boots: Doc Marten’s (brand)




Here’s my face.  I kept my makeup simple, since I wore my cat-eye glasses that have rhinestones in them.  The star in the middle of my forehead is not perfect, but that just means I need more practice:





I’m a little behind in my posts, but my dreadlocks are now 5 months old!  I’m becoming more attached to them and they’re looking crazier by the month. Stay tuned for that post in a couple of days.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup for September’s Birthstone: Sapphire


Sapphire pics and gif via Photobucket.  Sapphire info via Wixon Jewelers.

This month we celebrate September’s birthstone, the gorgeous Sapphire.  Sapphires are known for their gorgeous, blue to blue-violet color but they actually come in a wide range of colors including pink, yellow, peach, and orange.  Sapphires can be found all over the world, but the most valuable ones come from Sri Lanka, Myanmar (now Burma), and Kashmir.  The most prized sapphires are deep blue to blue-violet.  Since ancient times, this gemstone represented “honesty, loyalty, purity and trust”.  Sapphire is the Greek word for “blue”.  

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: raw sapphires, polished and faceted sapphire, polished and faceted sapphire in yellow


Here’s yesterday’s outfit.  Loose and long, as usual:



Long cardigan: Amazon, Short dress: Dharma Trading Co., Tiered pants (yes, these are pants): Bellydance.com, Boots: Fit Flop (brand)


(Large) blue bindi: Sew Fae (Etsy), Leather choker: Ebay, Crystaline earrings: Wendy Beth Creations (Etsy)


Here’s yesterday’s makeup.  As we get closer to Fall, the weather’s getting milder and the makeup starts to increase.  Fall is also the weather for layers, which makes me very happy.






I didn’t realize how much I missed wearing full makeup.  Since humidity kills makeup, I tend to wear it light in the summer.  I do like how I wore my makeup, yesterday.  My eyebrows need some work, though.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

sapphire gemstone photo: Blue Sapphire newspp2675bx.gif

OOTD & Makeup for August’s Birthstone: Peridot


Peridot pics via Flickr (Creative Commons).  Peridot gif via Photobucket.  Peridot info via American Gem Society®.

Here we are with the Peridot, the birthstone for August.  The color of green fairies, poison, and absinthe, this is another one of my favorite birthstones.  Although shades ranging from yellowish- to olive green are the most popular for peridots, they also come in shades of brown.  Peridots are believed to “host magical properties” and are used to protect the wearer from nightmares.  They are also worn to “bring power and influence” and a “wonderful year” to the wearer. 

Peridots are formed deep inside the Earth and “brought to the surface by volcanoes”.  In Hawaii, this stone often symbolizes the “tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes”.  Nowadays, most of these stones are produced in Arizona.  Other sources of peridots are Pakistan, Myanmar, and China.

From TOP to BOTTOM: Raw peridots in brown and green; polished peridots in olive green; polished and faceted peridot in chartreuse
From TOP to BOTTOM: Raw peridots in brown and green; polished peridots in olive green; polished and faceted peridot in chartreuse


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  Without realizing it, I decided to wear 3 of my favorite pieces: my black feather hair clip, silver spike earrings, and what I call my “goddess dress”:



Black dress: Amazon, Shoes: Medieval Moccasins
Black dress: Amazon, Shoes: Medieval Moccasins


Here’s yesterday’s face.  A few weeks ago, I purchased a pot of Ben Nye® Lumiere Creme Color in Chartreuse.  I bought this eyeshadow to go with my tribal belly dance costume and I love it!  The color is vivid and it goes on smoothly.  This eyeshadow goes perfectly with my “peridot” bindi:

Green bindi: Aurora Eventide, Silver spike earrings: Opulent Oddities, Feather hair clip: Beadazzled By Sharon. (All purchased from Etsy)






It’s interesting that when I was a child, my mother said that I looked good in green.  I didn’t agree.  My favorite color at the time was red – the brighter the color (fire-engine red) the better!  But now, I’m starting to fall in love with green.  So many lovely shades to choose from!  But of course, I still like red since that’s the color I dye my hair.

Stay tuned for August’s birth flower, which is coming up in a couple of days.  After that, it’s time to get crackin’ on my new, updated website.  I’m still learning code and I’m working hard to get my new blog up and running.  Let’s hope I don’t fuck it up!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

peridot photo: peridot peridot.gif

OOTD & Makeup for June’s Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, & Moonstone


Birthstone pics via Photobucket.  Birthstone info via American Gem Society.

Yep, the title of this post is correct.  June has not one, not two, but three birthstones!  The Pearl is the stone that usually counts as June’s birthstone, but June also counts Alexandrite and Moonstone as its birthstones.

The most common one is the Pearl.  Pearl is the only stone that comes from sea creatures, most often from oysters but sometimes from clams and mussels.  The beauty of pearls also comes naturally – no cutting or polishing is required of the pearl.  Since the 1920s, pearls are almost always cultured instead of natural.  While pearls can come in a variety of colors, the most common are white, cream, black, silver, and gray.

Cultured pearls in champagne, black, pink, and white
Cultured pearls in champagne, black, pink, and white


The second gemstone is the Alexandrite.  Alexandrite was “first discovered in Russia in 1831” and is named after its czar during the time, Alexander II.  Out of the three birthstones, Alexandrite is the most rare.  It has chameleon-like qualities and change color from green to red-violet.  Since this is a rare gemstone, most Alexandrite are synthetic.

Raw Alexandrite in rose; polished and faceted Alexandrite in green
Raw Alexandrite in rose; polished and faceted Alexandrite in green


Last, but not least, we have the Moonstone, which is my favorite out of the three birthstones.  The moonstone was named by Roman historian, Pliny.  Pliny believed that this gemstone changed colors based on the phases of the moon.  In India, the moonstone is considered sacred and is believed to bring good fortune.  Moonstones can come in white, blue, green, peach, and champagne. 



Here’s what I wore.  Since I don’t wear pearls, I wore my beaded necklace, made from onyx.  I don’t have pearls, but I do have a moonstone:



Lace cardigan: Amazon, Long dress: Dharma Trading Co., Shoes: Medieval Moccasins


Beaded, onyx necklace: String Of Jewels (Etsy), Moonstone pendant: Ebay




Here is yesterday’s makeup.  I went for dark eyes and dark lips, with a little shimmery eyeshadow primer.  This primer is the Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay.  The shade I’m wearing is “Minor Sin”:







It looks like I finally moved my butt and posted June’s birthstones – and the month’s just started.  Stay tuned for my upcoming post on June’s birth flower.  We’ll see what I can come up with.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

black pearls photo: pearls blacklips.jpg

OOTD & Makeup for May’s Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley pic and gif via Photobucket.  Lily of the Valley info via What’s My Birth Flower?.

Today’s inspiration comes from May’s birth flower, Lily of the Valley [genus: Convallaria].  Also known as “Our Lady’s Tears” or “Mary’s Tears” in the Catholic tradition, the lily of the valley is a poisonous, perennial plant with small, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers.  This flower symbolizes “humility and the sign of Christ’s second coming” in the Christian faith.  In the Pagan tradition, the lily of the valley is a symbol of the German goddess, Ostera and symbolizes life.  In France, this flower symbolizes the Spring season.  It is also used medicinally to “improve memory and restore speech”.



Here’s what I wore.  I kept it pretty basic with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans:



Tish & Snooky t-shirt: Manic Panic (brand), Black jeans: Express, Winklepickers: Underground Shoes


Leather choker: Ebay, Bat necklace: Kitsch Bitch Jewellery (Etsy), Crystal point pendant (Ebay)




Here’s my face.  I don’t have any flowers that resemble lily of the valley, so I decided to play around with white makeup instead.  I used my white, jumbo eye pencil to draw a “tribal” making on my forehead, resembling lily of the valley:

Here’s what I used for my lily of the valley “tribal” marking: L.A. Colors® Jumbo Eye Pencil in Seashells, #401, and Ben Nye® Cake Eye Liner in White, #EL0






Well, that’s it for now.  I’m getting the hang of using white eyeliner and I’m loving the results, so far.  June will start very soon, so stay tuned for posts June’s birthstone and birth flower.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

lily of the valley photo: lily of the valley lily.gif


OOTD – Fresh Flowers & Golden Tattoos


Hello, lovelies!  This past weekend was the last frost, so I was able to start growing some veggies and herbs.  Woo hoo!  I forgot how long yard work can take, though.  But the weather was gorgeous and our deck needed to be cleared of old debris and crap from this past winter. 

Not only do we have our deck looking nice and comfy again, the flowers in our back yard have bloomed!  They are beautiful and this makes me so happy.  I decided to wear these flowers in my hair, before they wither away.  I think they’re magnolias, so they won’t last very long.  They may be gone by summer, so I wanted to take advantage of wearing these flowers while they’re still in bloom.

This magnolia tree (?) is actually in my neighbor’s back yard. Luckily for me, large branches of flowers hang over into my side of the fence.


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I’ve started wearing temporary, metallic tattoos and they are AWESOME!  I first wore these for our annual, Spring dance performance, Under A Desert Moon – they fit my tribal costume perfectly!  Now I think I’m addicted to these beautiful tattoos.  I ordered them from Jewel Tats.  They also have a store on Etsy.  These tattoos can last for up to a week, before they start to fade.



T-shirt, leggings, and 25-yd skirt: Ebay, Boots: Steve Madden (brand)




I wore my basic makeup yesterday.  This will probably be my makeup look for the majority of the Spring and Summer seasons.  Since wearing temporary tattoos, I’m becoming more focused on adornments (tattoos, bindis, tikkas, etc.).  I don’t wear much gold, but I’m not about to waste these beautiful tattoos.  Gold is also a “goddess” color, so I’m all over that.





There are more flowers in bloom in my front yard that I’m planning to wear.  I need to get to it though, because those flowers won’t last long, either.  The flowers in my front yard are hot pink!  We’ll see what I can do with those.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup for April’s Birthstone: Diamond


Gemstone photos and gif via Photobucket.  Gemstone info via American Gem Society.

It’s time to bring out the bling for April’s birthstone, the Diamond.  Supposedly, a girl’s best friend and the most commercialized stone, thanks to De Beers©.  But, we can’t deny how gorgeous they are, just like the other birthstones.

TOP IMAGE: Uncut diamonds, BOTTOM IMAGE: Faceted diamonds
TOP IMAGE: Uncut diamonds, BOTTOM IMAGE: Faceted diamonds


While most diamonds are colorless, they can also come in a range of colors such as blue, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, and black.  The colored diamonds found in nature get their color from impurities in the stone.  For example, the yellow found in yellow diamonds get their color from small traces of nitrogen; blue diamonds have small traces of boron.   Colored diamonds found in nature are rare.  Since colored diamonds are rare, most colorless diamonds are color-treated.  Due to the controversy surrounding “blood diamonds“, you can also buy man-made diamonds, in which you can only tell by using a loupe.  

Diamonds were “thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength”.  Diamonds are also worn to promote “balance, clarity, and abundance”.  They signify eternal love.

Diamonds in black, blue, pink, and yellow.
Diamonds in black, blue, pink, and yellow.


Here is yesterday’s outfit.  Perfect time to wear my rhinestone leggings, peaking out beneath my skirt:



A skirt made for belly dancing passes my “spin test”. Of course!


25-yd. skirt and tabi boots: Ebay, Rhinestone leggings: Kalypso Blue (Etsy)


Large, clear-colored bindi: SewFae (Etsy), Leather choker: Ego Driven (Etsy), Tish & Snooky t-shirt: Manic Panic® (Ebay)


Here’s my makeup.  Nothing but white sparkles.  Cheap, inexpensive sparkles, but still – they’re the only “diamonds” I can afford.  It’s hard to see in the photos, but I did wear a touch of glitter beneath my eyebrows:





Diamonds works really well with the goth aesthetic, since they’re usually colorless.  Perfect with black.  Stay tuned for April’s birth flower: the daisy. 

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

raw diamond photo: DIAMOND DIAMOND-01.gif

OOTD & Makeup for February’s Birth Flower: Violet


Violet photos via Photobucket.  Violet info via What’s My Birth Flower?.

Violet is the birth flower for February and there’s many varieties of violets (genus name: Viola): African violets, common blue violets, Australian native violets, dog’s tooth violets, just to name a few.  The two most common shades that violets come in are violet (duh) and blue, but they also come in shades of white, cream and mauve.

According to What’s My Birth Flower?, violets symbolize the “love of truth” and the “truth of love”.  Another interesting tidbit is, although roses are most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, it’s actually the violet that’s connected to the Christian priest, St. Valentine.   According to legend, “St. Valentine kept encouraging believers with messages of friendship and love”.

Clockwise from top left: African violets, African violets in white, common blue violet, Australian native violet


Yesterday, my bosses were taking photos of us for the company website, so I went a bit conservative.  I decided to leave the choker and bindis at home, but at least I got to wear my flowers.  We had to wear a light-colored shirt for the photo, so I grabbed my white, summer dress from storage.  My sweetheart (with much love) said that I looked like a lost, milk maid.  Personally, I prefer “Amish reject”:



Long cardigan w/ lace-up detail: Necessary Evil (brand), White dress: dance retreat in Costa Rica, 25-yd. skirt: Ebay, Studded boots: Steve Madden (brand)


Violet flowers: Little Shop Of Florals (Etsy), Amethyst necklace: Habit Jewelry (Etsy), Large, stone ring: NC Studio 925 (Etsy)




Here’s my very conservative face.  I wore Manic Panic’s® lipstick in “Deadly Nightshade”, applied very lightly.  I also went gentle on my eyebrows:



I don’t have flowers that are actually violets, so I made do with violet-colored flowers.


Today is the last day of February.  Thank goodness!  I don’t know about anyone else, but for the shortest month of the year, February seemed long as hell.  The weather has been hellacious!  So, I’m definitely looking forward to the first day Spring in 19 days!

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup for January’s Birth Flower: Carnation


Carnation photos via Photobucket.  Carnation info via ProFlowers®.

I had decided earlier to post makeup looks based on each month’s birthstone.  But I was so focused on birthstones, that I completely forgot that each month also has its own flower.  Doh!  I wear flowers in my hair all the time.  How could I forget the birth flowers?!  So here’s January’s flower – better late than never.

Carnations (genus name: Dianthus) mainly come in red, pink, white, and yellow.  Each color of carnations have their own symbolism.  According to ProFlowers®, red carnations symbolize love and romance, pink carnations symbolize “perfect happiness and gratitude”, white carnations symbolize “innocent love”, and in Victorian times, yellow carnations symbolized disappointment in someone.  Yikes!  Those Victorians – elegant but harsh!

Carnations in red, pink, white, and yellow.


Since my hair is red and red flowers don’t show up too well in my hair, I went for pink carnations.  I don’t usually wear pink, but that’s okay.  That’s what inspiration can do – it can help me to step out of the “black box”.

Here’s what I wore yesterday:



Black cardigan: Amazon, Long-sleeved shirt: Gap, Yoga tribal pants: Creaturre (Etsy), Boots: Fit Flop (brand)




Here’s yesterday’s face.  I kept my makeup light, since I was wearing eyeglasses.  I added a couple of pink sparkles to my face, to match the carnations in my hair:

Makeup without glasses


Carnation hair clips by Laycis Bowdacious Bows (Etsy).




Now that I’ve done justice to January by including its flower, I’ll be posting some looks inspired by February.  Stay tuned.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise
pink carnations photo: MiscFlowersandOrchids088.jpg

OOTD & Makeup for January’s Birthstone: Garnet


Gemstone photos via Photobucket.  Garnet info via American Gem Society.

I’ve always been fascinated with gemstones and their symbolism.  I think this is great inspiration for makeup, so every month I’ll do a makeup look inspired by that month’s gemstone.  This month’s gemstone is Garnet.

It can be hard to distinguish between garnets and rubies, since both of these gemstones come in different colors, not just red.  To me, garnets seem a bit darker and closer to blood red; rubies seem to be brighter, with a slight pinkish tone.  This opinion is solely based on what I see, not on science or anything.

TOP IMAGE: raw garnet, BOTTOM IMAGE: faceted garnet


According to the American Gem Society, garnets symbolize “eternal friendship and trust”.  Like many gemstones, garnets were, and are still used, for healing.  Garnets are used to “aid [the] blood,  heart, and lungs”.  They’re also used to “promote romantic love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy”.

For me, they symbolize blood, so that’s what I went for.  Here’s what I wore yesterday: 



Burgundy lace cardigan: Amazon, Long-sleeve black shirt: The Gap, Black short dress: Dhama Trading Co., Long 25-yd. skirt: Ebay


Bindi: Blue Sun Tribe (Etsy), Leather choker: Art of Spirit Leather (Etsy), Blood vial necklace: Vampfangs.com. Rings were bought from Ebay and street vendors.


Moccasins: Minnetonka (brand)


Here’s yesterday’s makeup.  I wanted something dark and witchy, so I went for heavy, black eyeshadow:





I like how my makeup turned out.  I applied black eyeshadow a little above my eyelid crease, and I think they make my eyes look bigger!  Big eyes and big hair.  Woo hoo!  We’ll see what I can come up with for next month’s gemstone.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise