Goodnight, My Fur Queen


Rainbow Bridge image via Photobucket.

Yesterday, I had to have my beloved cat, Samantha, euthanized.  My heart is in pieces right now.  My crazy Samantha (we nicknamed her “Psycho Kitty”) was defiant, but sweet.  This queen ran the household, and would snuggle with me when the house was nice and quiet.  She was my first pet and we spent almost 12 years together.  She’s been with me through many life changes: moving 4 times, meeting my life partner, going through my mother’s death, being abandoned by friends, and much more.  I didn’t realize how sick she was until yesterday morning.  Her painful meows were unbearable and she was in a lot of pain.   The vet explained a couple of options, but there was no guarantee that she would get better, and Samantha was clearly suffering.  As difficult as it was, the vet confirmed that euthanasia was the best decision.  I’m heartbroken, but now my Psycho Kitty rests in peace.

My dear Samantha,

I will miss you , your craziness, and your demands to rule our castle.  I love you.  Thank you for adding so much joy, comfort, and happiness to my life.



Dasia Denise

Your fur-less Mommy