Red Wine Review: APOTHIC WINE

apothecary /əˈpäTHəˌkerē/ – late Middle English, noun: a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs

Hello, lovelies!  In this video, I review 4 red wines from Apothic Wines.  The only one I’ve tried before is Apothic Red, which I really like.  But while I was on Amazon, I saw that Apothic makes 4 red wines: Apothic Red, Apothic Dark, Apothic Crush, and Apothic Inferno.

I was wondering what “apothic” meant, so I looked it up.  The word seems to be made up and is strictly a brand name.  The closest word I found was apothecary, which still seems to fit with alcohol consumption.


Here are a few of my tasting notes.  If you need a little help, Wine Folly is an excellent resource for beginners.  Just click on the “Blog” tab for more information and how-tos.


I hope you all enjoyed my review.  Have you tried any of Apothic wines?  I know that Apothic makes a white wine (Apothic White), but after looking I see that they also have a sparkling wine (Apothic Sparkling) and a rosé (Apothic Rose)!  Looks like I’ll have to do another review.

Ta Ta For Now (TTFN),

Dasia Denise