Brain Fatigue and 11-Month-Old Dreads


Hello, my fellow darklings.  I’m back to blogging after a 2-week mental hiatus. As some of you know, there are times when one needs a mental health break. Nothing’s wrong, life just got a bit overwhelming.  But y’all didn’t miss anything and now I’m back to blogging.

I had planned on starting the Spring/Summer wardrobe for Project 666, but it has been so cold and windy lately.  We would get about 2 days of warm weather, and then the temperature would drop.  I’m not complaining though.  The warm/cold situation is typical for Spring and it’s still not as cold as Winter.  Thank goodness for that!

Here’s today’s outfit.  Since I’ve now “recovered” from my brain fatigue, I kept my goth look simple:

PROJECT 666 Staples: Shredded t-shirt (S11), Long skirt (Skt2), 20-eye boots (B3)




Shredded t-shirt: secondhand, Long skirt: Amazon, 20-eye boots: Doc Martens (brand)


All jewelry purchased on Etsy. Ebony wood stud earrings: House of Shiba, Black choker w/ black gems: Ego Driven, Wax seal monogram necklace: J & A Wares Jewelry, Silver key necklace: Fuchsia Bloom Studio


I also kept today’s makeup light.  I can’t find my black cat-eye glasses (*boo hoo*), so I’m wearing my backup pair.  I need to go to the eye doctor anyway and order more glasses, so I’m not worried about finding my black pair.  I am convinced that my house eats things, never to be found again, so I expect that my black eyeglasses are gone forever.





Next month my locs will be a year old.  Woot!  Here’s my loc progression so far:




This was a pretty short post, but I’ll have longer posts very soon for April’s birthstone and birth flower.  I’m also working on some makeup tutorials (finally), so stay tuned.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

OOTD & Makeup for May’s Birthstone: Emerald


Gemstone photos and gif via Photobucket.  Gemstone info via Wixon Jewelers.

Here we have one of my favorite birthstones, the Emerald.  With its deep green color, the emerald represents Spring, rebirth, and life.  A rare gemstone, the deeper the shade of green, the more valuable it is.   Some emeralds have such a deep shade of green that they can have a bluish tint to them.  These are even more rare, thus more valuable.

TOP IMAGE: raw emerald, BOTTOM IMAGE: polished and cut emerald


According to Wixon Jewelers, emeralds also represent the goddess Venus, and were used to aid in fertility.  In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known for wearing emeralds.  The Ancient Egyptians were also known to bury their mummies with emeralds carved with “the symbol of verdue – flourishing greenness – on their necks to symbolize eternal youth”.


Here’s what I wore.  I finally found a long, basic skirt that fits.  The length is also perfect, which is not easy since I’m only 5′ 3″ (160.02 cm) tall.  The skirt is by Full Tilt, purchased on Amazon:



Burnout lace shirt: Ebay, Victorian-style boots: Ladies’ Emporium


Studded choker: Aeon Leather (Etsy), Green whistle pendant: Bliss Berry Blue (Etsy)


My makeup from yesterday.  The weather’s starting to get warmer and unfortunately, more humid.  You’ll see more of my “summer face”, in which my eyeliner is worn just on my upper eyelids:





Sunday is the last day of May, so I’ll be doing a post on May’s birth flower.  I’m also working on posting the birthstone and birth flower posts earlier in the month.  Stay tuned.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise

emerald gemstones photo: emerald emerald2.gif

OOTD – Fresh Flowers & Golden Tattoos


Hello, lovelies!  This past weekend was the last frost, so I was able to start growing some veggies and herbs.  Woo hoo!  I forgot how long yard work can take, though.  But the weather was gorgeous and our deck needed to be cleared of old debris and crap from this past winter. 

Not only do we have our deck looking nice and comfy again, the flowers in our back yard have bloomed!  They are beautiful and this makes me so happy.  I decided to wear these flowers in my hair, before they wither away.  I think they’re magnolias, so they won’t last very long.  They may be gone by summer, so I wanted to take advantage of wearing these flowers while they’re still in bloom.

This magnolia tree (?) is actually in my neighbor’s back yard. Luckily for me, large branches of flowers hang over into my side of the fence.


Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I’ve started wearing temporary, metallic tattoos and they are AWESOME!  I first wore these for our annual, Spring dance performance, Under A Desert Moon – they fit my tribal costume perfectly!  Now I think I’m addicted to these beautiful tattoos.  I ordered them from Jewel Tats.  They also have a store on Etsy.  These tattoos can last for up to a week, before they start to fade.



T-shirt, leggings, and 25-yd skirt: Ebay, Boots: Steve Madden (brand)




I wore my basic makeup yesterday.  This will probably be my makeup look for the majority of the Spring and Summer seasons.  Since wearing temporary tattoos, I’m becoming more focused on adornments (tattoos, bindis, tikkas, etc.).  I don’t wear much gold, but I’m not about to waste these beautiful tattoos.  Gold is also a “goddess” color, so I’m all over that.





There are more flowers in bloom in my front yard that I’m planning to wear.  I need to get to it though, because those flowers won’t last long, either.  The flowers in my front yard are hot pink!  We’ll see what I can do with those.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


Minimalist Makeup for April’s Birth Flower: Daisy


Daisy and Sweet Pea photos via Photobucket.  Daisy info via ProFlowers®.

Here we are on the second day of May, and I’m just now posting April’s birth flower, the Daisy [genus: Bellis].  Better late than never.  I also didn’t feel like doing my face yesterday, as you can see.  Not too exciting, but I’m not afraid of showing my minimally made face.  It would be silly to “force” myself into wearing makeup.

On to the daisy, a flower that reminds me of innocence and for some reason, hippies.  I suppose it’s because in a lot of the pictures I see of hippies from the 1960s, many of them are wearing daisies in their hair.  It makes sense – daisies can be found all over the world.

The Common Daisy, the one we all know and love.
The Shasta daisy, the one we all know and love.


Daisies do symbolize innocence, so it’s no wonder it reminds me of that.  They also symbolize simplicity and joy.  “Daisies are close cousins to sunflowers” and the “three most popular varieties are the Shasta daisy, African daisy and gerbera daisy”.  Out of these three varieties, the gerbera daisy is the most popular.  Other varieties include the English daisy and the desert daisy.

4 types of daisies, clockwise from top left: African Daisy, English Daisy, Gerber Daisies, and Desert Daisy
4 types of daisies, clockwise from top left: African Daisy, English Daisy, Gerbera Daisies, and Desert Daisy


Some sources list the Sweet Pea [genus: Lathyrus] as April’s second birth flower.  According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the sweet pea signifies “blissful pleasure, but [can also be used] to say goodbye”.

The sweet pea
The sweet pea


Here is my minimally made face from yesterday.  All I wore was foundation, blush, and mascara.  The daisy flower clip is of a gerbera daisy, with a rhinestone center:



Gerbera hair clip: Kugga KIDS (Etsy)


Here’s what I wore.  Minimal jewelry (rings) and all black.  I bought the long cardigan from Amazon.  Everything else is from Ebay:

With scarf and cardigan
With scarf and cardigan




It’s been a little while since my last post, but I’m getting back on schedule. I decided to take a short break after performing last Saturday, in the annual Under A Desert Moon belly dance show.   Stay tuned for more posts, including my performance.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup for March’s Birth Flower: Daffodil


Daffodil photos via Photobucket.  Daffodil info via ProFlowers®.

Daffodil (genus: Narcissus) is the birth flower for March.  Its bright yellow (and sometimes white) color signifies Spring, in which Spring is the month for rebirth and rejuvenation.  After months of cold, gray, depressing weather, this yellow flower is a welcome sight.

Just like Spring, the daffodil also represents rebirth and rejuvenation.  It can also represent hope.  While the most common color for the daffodil is yellow, they can also be “accented with white, orange, pink or lime green”.  Daffodils also represented friendship and happiness, during the Victorian era.  One hidden meaning behind daffodils was “you are an angel”.

Daffodils accented with lime green, orange, white, and pink.
Daffodils accented with lime green, orange, white, and pink (known as “palmares narcissus”).


Here’s yesterday’s outfit:



Long cardigan: Amazon, Led Zeppelin t-shirt and black skirt: Ebay, Black leggings w/ Swarovski rhinestones: Kalypso Blue (Etsy), Boots: Fit Flop (brand)


Daffodil hair clip: Lila Jo (Etsy), Leather choker and crystal pendant: Ebay


My makeup from yesterday.  For some reason, I was a bit hesitant to wear white eyeliner – I didn’t think it would look good on me.  But, I do like the look:



L.A. Colors© Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Sea Shells #401”






It’s strange how February is the shortest month of the year, yet it seemed to drag on and on and on.  March has 31 days, but flew by.  Strange, but I like strange.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise


OOTD & Makeup: Black Roses for Spring Equinox


Hello, hello!  Yesterday was the official, first day of Spring (Spring Equinox) and it makes me so happy!  Unfortunately, Winter refuses to leave!  The day started with a few snow showers, which then turned into rain.  And it was cold.  Blergh!  I realize there are areas with huge amounts of snow, but I don’t live in those places.  I can only complain about the weather in my area.  I usually keep a sweater in my bag, but I left it at home.  Bad idea.

The first day of Spring. Seriously?!
The first day of Spring. Seriously?!


I wanted to wear a head full of flowers, but I woke up later than I wanted to.  Instead, I wore my black, rose headband with a pair of jeans and my tall Doc Marten boots.  I went for a casual, goth look:



Lightweight cardigan: Amazon, Siouxsie Sioux t-shirt: Ebay, Black jeans: Express, 20-eye boots: Doc Marten (brand)


Black rose crown: The Magpies River (Etsy), Studded collar: Aeon Leather (Etsy), “X Marks The Spot” coffin nails necklace: Extollo Jewelry (Etsy)


Here’s yesterday’s face.  Same setup, but I added more black on the top of my eyelid crease.  I also extended the cat-eye liner further out, towards my temples.  I will try this face again with a little bit of glitter on my eyelids.









Even though it was cold yesterday, I’ll take that over freezing cold, any day. Mother Nature’s going to do her thing;  I just need to learn to be patient.  I also need to dye my roots!  In a strange way though, I think the black roses go with the gloomy weather – even if it’s officially Spring.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise