Fall / Winter Belly Dance, Part 1 – Raq Out 2015


Program flyer courtesy of Kathy Papienski.  Used with permission.

Hello, lovelies!  About 4 weeks ago, I performed in the bi-annual Raq Out show, presented by the College Park Arts Exchange.  Raq Out is coordinated  twice a year – once in the Spring and once in the Fall, usually around Halloween.  I performed in last Halloween’s Raq Out and decided to do it again this year.  This year I performed with one of my dance sisters, Amy.  I’ve danced a couple of solos before and a number of times in groups, but this was my first dance duo.  Amy and I decided to perform tribal fusion.  I was nervous, but I had so much fun!

As always, I must share our makeup and costumes.  Here’s our makeup:





With my dance partner and fellow unicorn, Amy


Here are the costumes.  It’s common in tribal and tribal fusion belly dance for our costumes to coordinate a bit, without matching:





Here are more pictures of us dancers and our costumes:

Four horned beauties





Stage photos are courtesy of Todd Harris.  Used with permission.





It’s a dance off! Lol.


It was a blast dancing with Amy and everyone enjoyed our cute performance. My apologies for not taking video of our performance – I was just too nervous. But there will definitely be video of our ATS® Sunday brunch performance, coming up in one week!  I’ll leave you with the song that Amy and I performed to, “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” by Bogore & Sikdope.

Love & Shimmies,

Dasia Denise